Six Time Saving Ideas For Moms With Toddlers

Let’s be honest. You don’t even have time to read this article. Even if you’re trying to steal away five minutes of serenity, you’re probably simultaneously forgetting to switch the laundry around for the...

5 Things I Wish Women Would Share About Motherhood

The picture we often get of motherhood is either one of rosy homesteading where children are nothing but a joy, or one of constant sacrifice where children are nothing but a burden until it’s...

Separate But Equal Isn’t a Thing | Having a Child on the Spectrum

What’s one of the hardest things about having a child on the spectrum? I tear up at this question every time. The deep and heated anger wells up in the pit of my stomach....

5 Ways to Cut Energy Costs

Based on the events from icepocalypse, I'm pretty sure we are all looking at energy alternatives and ways to cut on costs! Are you constantly looking for ways to save money when it comes...

When a measure becomes the target, it ceases to become a good measure.

In habit-tracking, in anti-racist work, and maybe just in life - using a measure as your target can be detrimental. Like many of you, I have an incredible ability to feel like I am...
Tashara Angelle

Austin Moms is Growing! Meet Tashara Angelle

Meet Tashara Angelle. We were in the middle of a fight.  Likely after another night of sleep deprivation from waking up with the new human that I’d just birthed 3 months before. The fight was probably...

Meet Shannon Murray

Greetings! My name is Shannon Murray but as of late, I’ve grown to go by Shan. It fits the newer, much wiser version of me. While many people I know dread getting older, I...
Meet Shani Montique-Ahmad

Austin Moms adds Shani Montique-Ahmad to the team

Hi, I'm Shani Montique-Ahmad. I am an Austin native born to Jamaican parents and have always loved to overindulge in many comforts at once like watching a movie surrounded by pillows, while under a...
Martine Boursiquot-LaConte

Adding to the Austin Moms Voices, Martine Boursiquot-LaConte

Well, hello there! My name is Martine Boursiquot-LaConte and I am thrilled to have been chosen to add my voice to this beautifully diverse and dynamic community of Austin moms. Born and raised in New...
Anya Bokeria

Introducing to the Austin Moms Team, Anya Bokeria

Living my life, guiding my children and communicating my truth in a language that was not my first gives me an interesting lens to the world. Hi, I'm Anya Bokeria. I was five years old...