Okay, mamas, now let’s get in formation…. And give it up for the Women Owned Businesses in Austin!

Yelp announced it’s She-conomy report, with Austin taking number one on the list amongst Americas largest cities, with a 34% increase in women-owned businesses in Austin opening between 2022 & 2023. How cool is that?!

Having an incredible line-up of Women Owned Businesses, ladies who dream it, work hard, and grind till they own not only helps pave the way for other women, but for the younger generation, giving them a legacy of strong female role models.

For even MORE Woman Owned Businesses click HERE!

As a child I was once inspired by a woman who changed the trajectory of my life, my dance teacher, and because of this not a day goes by that I don’t think of the impact that I have on each bright-eyed child that walks through the doors of my own business, Hello Dancer.

As an adult, I look to women like Kendra Scott, who’s businesses took off beyond their wildest dream.  What I love about her is, she believes in giving back, and not just paving the way for other women, but empowering them how to do the same.

They say that “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back and are cheering her on.”

So grab your boots and let’s take a mini tour of some of the Women Owned Businesses in Austin!  This isn’t just about shopping, it’s about connecting, and building a community where women hi-5 other ladies, keeping Austin wildly empowering. 

Combine Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga

MOD Fitness | Owner: Marnie Duncan

Your Mobile Nurse Concierge for IV Drips, Vitamin Bar, and Medical Weightloss

Your Nurse Friend ATX | Owner: Tania Yousaf

If you’re looking for someone to really get into those sore spots…

Mantis Massage | Owner: Kyra Matos

For that PERFECT cup of coffee…

Feliciana Coffee | Founder : Paula Arango

Elevate your Daily Uniform

Daily Dress | Owner: Alexa Alspaugh

When you’re in the mood for  clean + luxurious bodycare…

The Beauty Way | Owner: Jyoti Lohman

A mother daughter duo working together to create and design your dream spaces…

Ashley Brooke Design Studio | Founders : Janet Sprayue + Tiffany McGehee

For something smooth, simple, and casual with a fresh, natural flavor…

21 Seeds Tequila | Owner: Kat Hantas

Artful and Beautiful PJ’s & House Dresses for Kids & Moms

La Paloma | Owner: Jen Pinkston

A natural and clean skincare brand that strives to empower all women

Foy by Dr. Collins | Owner: Kristina Collins

When you want to Add Bold Style to your Home, Closet & More

Katie Kime | Owner: Katie Kime

For hats tailored to your style…

West Hill Hat Collection | Owner: Brittany Paytas

Your Carb Dealer & Favorite Neighborhood Bakery

Pflour Shop | Owner: April Saldana

Blending elements of Scandinavian simplicity with American energy

ANINE BING | Founded by: Nicolai Bing

Leading the revolution of sustainable fashion

Reformation | Founded by: Yael Aflalo

Self care rituals for those who aren’t afraid to stand out

Rebel Beauty Bar | Owner: Ellie Dixon

When You Need a Princess Who Will Have You Singing & Dancing!

Just Add Magic Entertainment | Owner: Samantha Petty

Encouraging people to be kind to themselves and to pay that kindness forward, one bracelet at a time.

Little Words Project | Founded by: Adriana Carrig

For handcrafted designs using luxury metals and natural stones

Nina Berenato | Founded by: Nina Berenato

Crafted by moms, enjoyed by everyone.

Mom Water | Owner: Jill Morrison

Because Childcare & Co-Working Under One Roof is Amazing!

Work Castle | Owners: Maya Karelina & Anastasiia Zuieva

Fermented dressings to bring nutrient and probiotic rich food to your table.

The Cultured Carrot | Palak Sadarangani & Kristin Simpson

Colorful and Happy Home Décor, Holiday Decorations, and Party Goods

Kailo Chic | Owner: Kara Whitten

When you love the jewelry so much you want it to be permanent!

June + Mae Co | Owner: Tabatha Havelka

Showroom, founded and owned by celebrity stylist

Showroom | Founded by: Erica Hanks

For Vibrant Paintings with Sass and Story

Ana Stapleton | Owner: Ana Stapleton

Inclusive, Affordability, and Sustainability Body Care Products with a Sensory Experience

Saltair | Owner: Iskra Lawrence

A thoughtfully curated collection of goods that add a little something extra to an already wonderful life…

Cooper Lucy | Owner: Annie Stadstad

When You Need Jewelry for Every Look and Occasion!

Kendra Scott | Owner: Kendra Scott

The only nipple clinically developed to mimic a mother’s shape, feel, and flow…

The Natural Nipple | Owner: Lauren Wright

Your Quintessentially Austin Ice Cream Fix

Amy’s Ice Creams | Owner: Amy Simmons

Helping babies achieve a strong foundation for successful life-long development – from day one…

Year One Wellness | Owner: Dr. Kristi Hammerle

Indulge in chocolate delights from the heart of Austin, with love

Cinful Sweets | Owner: Cinthya Romriell

Mutual uplift: all women supporting each other and feeling empowered to invest in themselves and their community.

Mejuri | Founded by: Noura Sakkijha

For Succulent Brisket, House Made Spicy Sausage & Giant Ribs

La Barbecue | Owner: LeAnn Mueller & Alison Clem

A Great Place to Get Your Caffeine Fix, or Get a Pic at the “I Love You So Much” Mural

Jo’s Coffee | Owner: Liz Lambert

High quality, compassionate care during pregnancy, birth & postpartum

Austin Birth Company

For Haircare & Community All Rolled In One

Urban Betty | Owner: Chelle Neff

The Warm Fuzzy Art Factory

Giggle Box | Owner: Missi Jay

When you’re tired of being tired…

Michelle Read Sleep Solutions | Owner: Michelle Read

For Clothes Designed with His Grace and a Little Lace

Grace & Lace | Owner: Melissa Hinnant

When it’s time to transform your habits…

Core Life Habits | Owner: Carina Osuna

Modern Soda for the Next Generation, Plus is has Prebiotics

Poppi | Allison Ellsworth

When You Want to Look & Feel Your Best from the Inside Out

Saving Face | Owner: Brooke Nichol

For Make-Up & Brows that Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Kiss N’ Make Up | Owner: Karen Helton Powanda

A wide range of high-quality, unique, and on trend apparel and accessories to fit each woman’s sense of style

The Naked Possom Boutique | Owner: Mary Mearig

If you want to Boost Your Mood & Sweat – This is for you!

Urban Lagree | Owner: Abbie Rosser & Katie Hayes

When You Want Stunning Hair & Excellent Service

Blast Blow Dry Bar

For Full Fresh Lips that Shine & Glow

XOXO Jamie | Owner: Jamie Grady

Made to Order Farm Fresh Greenery

Gracious Garlands | Owner: Vicki & Elle Worsham

Interior Design, Architecture, and Branding with Personality

Kim Lewis Designs | Owner: Kim Lewis

Clean Affordable Skin Care that Rejuvenates the Skin

Ann Webb | Owner: Ann Webb & Joanna Marceaux

For Small Pies with Big Taste

Tiny Pies | Owners: Amanda Bates and Kit Seay

Luxury Furniture & Home Décor with a Gluten Free Bakery Truck!

Maaribu | Owner: Serene Warren

Hip, High-end Clothing for Women, Kids, and Men.

Estilo Boutique | Owner: Stephanie Coultress O’Neill

If Looking for Hidden Gems, Emerging Designers, and Hard to Find Pieces

Sunroom Boutique | Owner: Lucy Jolis

Mental Performance Coaching for Athletes & Corporations

Modern Muse | Owner: Rashanna Moss

Learn to Create Bold, Honest Art, & Sell It to Make Bank

Jodie King | Owner: Jodie King

For Laid Back, Fun, and Chic Clothing & Home Goods

Brooke Rodd | Owner: Brooke Rodd

Colorful Whimsical Children’s Boutique in a Yellow Striped Silver Airstream

Lemon Drop Children’s Shop | Owner: Emma Davis

Find Your Favorite High-End Brand For Kids that Are Gently Loved

Sparkle Kids | Owner: Lauren Bianchi

For Fresh Delicious Tacos – Seriously, the Best!

Veracruz All-Natural | Owners: Reyna and Maritza Vazquez

When You Want to Boost Your Social Media Game

Jera Bean | Owner: Jera Foster-Fell

For Boutique Architecture & Design

Elizabeth Baird Architecture & Design | Owner: Elizabeth Baird

If You Want to break Free of Limiting Beliefs & Behaviors

Beyond Enneagram | Owner: Elle Worsham

For Personal Growth, New Opportunities, & Growing Your Business

Women of Austin | Owner: Mindy Hofman

Beat the Heat with Sugary Shaved Ice SnoBox

SnoRide | Owner: Christina Biven

An Update on the Classic Cookie

Cookie Rich | Owner: Lorin Peters

Our Austin Moms contributors wear so many (super cute) hats. While being Mamas and creating great content for you, some of our team members are running small businesses and brands right here in Austin! We are so proud of them, and the contributions they make to AustinMoms.com, we want to spotlight them this International Woman’s Day!

Stephanie Anne Studios

ME! April Peters. I’m your Fairy Dance Godmother… I create magical experiences with dance education for children who LOVE to dance! Your child will love dancing in our Austin, TX studio, located centrally in the heart Rosedale. At Hello Dancer Austin, you can expect a dance education that prioritizes whole child learning, building a solid foundation in dance, is wildly creative and imaginative, allows kids to be kids, and is a magical experience for all.

Noëlle Westcott is an Austin, Texas photographer who specializes in classic children’s heirloom vignette portraits, families, newborn, maternity, and lifestyle branding photography. Her sessions involve corny jokes, goofy faces, dancing, staring contests, tickling, and lots and lots of open-mouth-laugh-out-loud-kind-of-silliness and joy. Her goal is to make you comfortable and to have a good time. Beautiful, authentic, and emotive pictures are just a result. Does this sound like what you are looking for? Then click on those gray words below to get started. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous (or really, really bored) you can find her on Instagram at @noellewestcottphoto + on Facebook.

Tori Chaffin is “a mother, wife, personal trainer, Birthfit coach, doula, & owner of Lioness Birth Training. I believe every woman has the right to a beautiful & fulfilling birth experience. When Mammas work with her, she coaches them on how to unleash their power. The majority of her pregnancy is spent building a trusting relationship & preparing for birth through education, safe exercise, nourishment counseling, & mindset work. She loves being present with Mammas from their first trimester to getting her settled at home after baby. What a privilege it is to experience the miracle of life & work with such amazing women.”

Patrice Hernandez is author, visionary, and master of the art of slow living. When she’s not hanging with her fam, you can catch her searching for magic in the mundane, splashing kindness, and teaching folks how to create killer vision boards that actually work. With a zest for life and a passion for all things creative, Patrice is the go-to gal for anyone looking to add a little sparkle and wonder to their world. If you want to live your best life,  follow Patrice’s lead and let the good times roll! https://patriceshawntia.com/  or on Instagram.

Ashley has been on the AMB team for almost 2 years! Besides being a contributor, I work with special education students at a local high school and am an affiliate for the naturally based beauty brand, MONAT. My family and I have used Monat products for 6 years.
Monat stands for Modern Nature and is a naturally based, anti-aging company that’s made in the USA! Our healthy hair and skincare is paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free & cruelty free! Plus we just launched an amazing wellness and make up line!
My goal is to help others on a healthy journey just like me. I can’t wait to see what Monat does for your hair, skin & confidence. I’m happy to help you in any way, or also check out my website for info.

Stephanie Anne Studios is a newborn, maternity & child portrait photographer specializing in creating photographic artwork for your home. YOU become artwork when imagery is strategically planned to coordinate with your home’s decor and printed to the exact perfect size for your space. It’s an investment as timeless as the moment it captures. In the blink of an eye, your baby will grow into a child and your child into an adult. As you try to hold on tight to those small specific gestures, quirks and smirks, they still fade away. They just grow too darn quick! For more, check out Instagram.

Ali Tierney, Austin Moms Editor and Communications Manager, is a mama, fangirl and author. Her love for music landed her a Top 40 radio gig. Since moving to Austin and becoming a mother, she turned her love for boy bands into a business–starting with her very first Children’s book!

Jami Stigliano (author of this post and CEO and “Head Diva”)  began choreographing dance routines for herself and friends way back when Madonna, Mariah, Janet, and Paula Abdul were topping the charts. Jami is now dedicated to helping empower every adult across America, creating fulfilling and consistent jobs for choreographers and dance teachers, and helping women start and run their own business through our franchising opportunity with DivaDance! Check out the class schedule here.

And of course AUSTINMOMS.COM! Launched in 2011, by Allison Mack and Vanessa in hopes to provide a resource and bring the Austin community of moms together through social events, educational seminars, play dates, and motherhood experience. We are so happy you’re here!

This list barley scratches the surface of all the amazing women owned businesses here in Austin!  There are a ton!

Please share your favorite in the comments.



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