Do you start each year resolving to be a better you through a new year’s resolution? I did, until 2020!

Do you know what I mean when I say it could be described in one sentence? 2020, yikes!

Last year, I planned resolutions for all areas:

  • Creating a life, I could love
  • Being a present and “all-in,” wife and mom
  • Having more time for myself
  • Exercising more
  • Establishing my coaching business.

I even created, back-up plans for the plans (hello, I’m a recovering perfectionist). I assumed everything would work out. As reality set in, a pandemic took over, and I shifted from wanting, to thrive to learning how to survive! My goals and resolutions took a hike, and I learned how to pivot.

Which got me to thinking, what if I approach each new year with a plan to resolve to let go of resolutions, move out of auto-pilot plan mode, and handle life as it happens, because it will!

Here are some of my Non-Resolution Plan tips for 2021:

  1. Learn to take on each day as a new adventure. As wife and mom this rarely happens for me, but I refuse to live life without some form of adventure. Instead of starting the day with an agenda full of tasks, list your top 3 must do items and leave space for free time. This sounds pretty crazy, but hear me out, by adding space (whatever that means for you), you’re accomplishing part of your list and giving yourself freedom to choose what you need for each day.
  2. Lower expectations of yourself. Lower expectations of yourself. If 2020 taught me anything, it taught me to give myself grace. We are all doing the best we can. We are holding life together as things shift and pivot at home, in school, and across the world. As we work to maintain a sense of normalcy it’s unrealistic to continue placing pressure on ourselves to achieve major change within each year. Let’s commit to giving ourselves grace.
  3. Let go of busyness. The fear of missing out is true. In 2020 we faced a pandemic, social unrest, we work and homeschool, and the list goes on. The year created a need to be plugged in to news, social media, work, and home. I was in reaction mode most of 2020. This year, my goal is to shift to responding, by letting go of the need to always be plugged in.
  4. Look at life with gratitude. Every experience we’ve had hasn’t killed us; it’s made us stronger! I don’t want to live feeling like I have so much to do before I achieve my idea of perfection. Life is a journey; I want to live a life in such a way that says I am content exactly where I am.
  5. Learn to celebrate the win. To be successful in anything we need to learn appreciate what we’ve accomplished. When we set out to achieve major goals, we tend to only celebrate achieving the exact goal. We fail to give ourselves credit for completing steps toward accomplishing goals. Let’s acknowledge and celebrate all wins.

Here’s to learning to live one day at a time in 2021!

Jaime Germany Terry is a native “New Mexican,” who moved to Dallas, Texas area to pursue an undergraduate degree. While visiting her closest friend during Graduate school spring break, she proclaimed Austin felt like her childhood home! After finishing her MBA, she relocated to Austin. She is the wife to Aaron, and mommy of two precious little beauties nicknamed: Miss Effervescent and Miss Vibrant. She lovingly refers to her daughters as her “littles.” Initially as a busy wife and mom she became reactive, trying to do it all perfectly. Now as a recovering perfectionist, she’s discovered a way to be responsive and intentional as a wife, mom, and professional. In 2018 she became a Certified Professional Coach with a goal to assist women in finding personal fulfillment while moving their goals forward. She loves listening to audiobooks, podcasts, traveling, and visiting wineries in the Hill Country, and spending time with her family and friends.


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