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No More Traveling With CarSeats | Kidmoto launches in Austin

Traveling with little ones is hard enough, but then you throw in all of the gear, supplies, snacks, oh! and the kids themselves, and the experience can be SUPER stressful! Carseats are heavy, they get banged around by the airlines if you’re flying, and then having to install them over and over and over in any Uber, Lyft, or rental car is enough to make any marriage break.

That’s why we are so excited that Kidmoto has officially launched in Austin and is already available in 22 other markets! Book Today


Kidmoto provides a convenience for parents by providing a child-safe ride with the certainty of professionally installed car seats by trained drivers.

Kidmoto’s objective is to transport traveling families with car seat aged children safely to their final destination. Traveling with young children can be a hassle sometimes and lugging around a car seat or two just adds to the frustration.

That’s where Kidmoto comes in, they provide a car transportation service with industry leading car seats. Kidmoto drivers are trained by professionally qualified car seat technicians. The Kidmoto app is the much needed solution to the problem of safe family airport transportation.

Reasons To Choose Kidmoto

Child Friendly | Kidmoto is the leading kid-friendly transportation company providing installed car seats for infants and small children.

Expert Car Seat Installation | Kidmoto drivers are trained to harness and install convertible child car seats for infants at 5 pounds to larger children up to 70 and above.

Easy To Use Mobile App | The Kidmoto App is available globally, extremely easy to use and user-friendly.

Clean Car Seats | At Kidmoto, we specialize in children car seats and therefore the car seats are all clean and well maintained.

Convenient Travel Experience | Traveling with children is very hard and carrying an extra car seat is an extra burden. Kidmoto solves that problem.

Real Time Connectivity | The Kidmoto App is available globally, well tested and operates flawlessly.

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We are super excited that Kidmoto has taken all of the guesswork out of traveling with little ones and is a viable option to safely transport our kids! Whether you are coming to visit Austin or headed to one of the above destinations with your family in tow, make sure to check out Kidmoto to get you where you need to be once you arrive!



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