One thing I hadn’t realized before living in Austin is that I had never truly had a great breakfast taco in my life until moving here. In Austin, breakfast tacos are like an art form and thankfully for those of us who live here, there are quite a few taco “artisans” who consistently whip up some delicious ones that keep me fueled for the day ahead. Here are some of my favorite places in town for a solid breakfast taco!

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Veracruz All Natural (multiple locations)

To me, this is the gold standard for the perfect breakfast Migas taco. How they get the tortilla chips to stay perfectly crunchy within the taco is still a mystery to me, but man is that one damn good taco. For some extra flavor, you’ve got to try the Migas Poblanas—it’s perfection! My go-to location is the Veracruz taco truck at Radio Coffee & Beer off Menchaca Road. Pro-tip: try to order online first thing in the morning, otherwise you may be in for a very long wait since this location is so popular.

Pueblo Viejo (multiple locations)

Another one of my favorites—specifically the taco truck located at Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden! On days when my husband and I need a “work-from-home” change of scenery, we’ll bring our laptops to Cosmic and sit at one of their many outdoor picnic tables (we always try to get there early to snag a table with an umbrella!) One time on a particularly early morning, we noticed the aroma of something delicious and followed it to the unassuming Pueblo Viejo food truck. Not only do they have an expansive breakfast taco menu, but they also have tons of different options for lunch as well. The tacos are tasty and are prepared fresh (and fast!)

Trippy Tacos (multiple locations)

Okay confession time—I’ve only had their breakfast tacos once, but have been meaning to go back because I remember how delicious they were! They have two locations and so many breakfast taco options, but I remember their Migas was really, really good!  Next time I plan on trying Chilaquiles breakfast taco because it sounds amazing.

Papalote (multiple locations)

Currently, my favorite taco in all of Austin is Papalote’s guajolote en mole taco (on a corn tortilla) and after having that particular taco multiple times, I decided to give their breakfast tacos a try.  Their breakfast tacos are fully customizable and no frills, but will hit the spot when you’re still half asleep and getting ready to start your day.

Central Market (locations on North and South Lamar)

So when you really need a breakfast taco that’s quick and ready to eat, my go-to are the tacos at Central Market’s hot food section.  After I drop my son off at school in the morning, I’ll do some grocery shopping at Central Market (I love going so early because it’s not crowded at all) and have gotten into the habit of grabbing a few of their ready-made tacos from their hot/prepared foods section.  They’re still warm by the time I get home AND they’re quite tasty too!

Martine is a native New Yorker who (along with her husband Chris) lived in several different cities over the course of a decade until fate brought them to Austin, where they would finally plant roots and start a family. Even though they live far from their respective families and miss them dearly, they are loving raising their first child--a curious, brave and hilarious toddler named Julian and their dog Coco in this great city. Despite being more than two years into this wild ride called parenthood, she still feels like a newbie mom and knows there is a ton more to learn about her amazing child, husband and herself as they navigate this new and exciting life together. Passions include travel, live music, spontaneously dancing to her perfectly curated Spotify playlists and doing silly things to make her son laugh!


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