Austin…start your engines! As if racing and concerts weren’t enough, Circuit of the Americas (COTA) is adding an amusement park to their lineup of fun!

“We’re building a massive amusement park that I hope opens in ’23,” COTA Chairman Bobby Epstein said. We can expect to see over 30 rides, including two mega-coasters! This Texas-sized amusement park is sure to measure up with all the family favorites.

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Circuit of the Americas has offered a kiddie parks–ferris wheel, carousel, train rides, and more!–in the past for special events. NASCAR weekend and Peppermint Parkway are family favorites, but this new amusement park will come and STAY. “We’ve got a lot of room out here” Epstein said. With 1,500-acres of space, that is plenty of room for non-stop fun.

COTA has had a $5 billion impact on the Austin area over its 10 years due to special events, races, and concerts. The U.S. Grand Prix drew record crowds last October, with 140,000 on race day and north of 300,000 for the weekend. This year’s race on Oct. 23 is also a guaranteed success–it’s completely sold out, already! In addition to The U.S. Grand Prix, the MotoGP international bike crowd is coming to Circuit of the Americas next month. This particular race has drawn as many as 70,000 fans, while NASCAR was in the 50,000 range. 

Circuit of the Americas is planning for the amusement park to open some time next year! In the meantime, there is still plenty for you and your family to enjoy at COTA. There will be more than 400 events at this year, including 40 concerts “and we’ll keep adding events,” Epstein said. Never a dull moment!

Live music, adrenaline-pumping race weekends, special events and an amusement park with one-of-a-kind rides are just some of the things that make Circuit of the Americas such an Austin gem.

Stay tuned for more information!


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