What makes you smile? For me, it is someone else’s smile.I like to make others smile and be happy just by reminding them that they are loved, valued and appreciated. Simple gestures go a long way, especially when not expected. Let’s celebrate the good every chance we can get by reminding others they are loved, and National Women’s Day is a perfect day to do just that!

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Here are some ideas to get some smiles out of those that either need it or have earned it!!

Hug in a mug or glass:

This is the easiest way to put together a little something for any occasion and anyone. 

You can gift a mug/glass with some beverage that your girl prefers: hot cocoa, coffee, wine, etc. Go ahead and add some chocolate, fruit, or salty snacks. Don’t forget to include a little personalized note. You could also put themed gifts in a mug/glass: DIY spa, Office Joy, Seasonally themed, and the list goes on.

Just Do It:

The best gifts anyone has given me are ones that can’t be bought and are often never thought of. 

For example: Offer to help babysit, grocery shop, fold laundry, or just a hand to hold when we least expected it, and it’s usually when we need it the most because, for some reason, when it’s hard, it’s harder to ask for help. Bake some cookies or muffins and surprise a friend after a long week. Drop off dinner, desserts, or drinks just because.

Surprise them Socially:

Social Media is how most of us share what’s going on in our lives and how we express our feelings. Lift women in your life up by leaving an encouraging comment on a friend’s Facebook page or tag them and share a unique story of your friendship on Instagram? Just make sure to get their best sides on pictures you post!

Anything Personalized:

Personalized gifts mean you put extra effort into making sure this gift is exclusively for that special someone. 

Something as priceless as a homemade card to the most elaborate art piece can make you feel special because someone took the time to go that extra mile to see that smile. 

Once you get those thought flowing in what you can do to make someone Smile, the possibilities are endless. Remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it comes from the heart, that is more valuable.

Lastly the easiest and cheapest way to make anyone Smile is honestly just a true, genuine SMILE from a complete stranger or your BFF.

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Julia is a born and raised proud Texan. She was born in Corpus Christi but raised near South Padre Island, so to say she’s a Beach Lover is an understatement. Julia lives in Round Rock with her husband Joel and sweet daughter Jessa. Their older daughter Nichole lives her best life with her husband, Logan. Julia LOVES all GOOD things: GOD, FOOD, PEOPLE, ADVICE, and DEALS. Julia loves to be the reason someone smiles :) You can always count on her for a laugh, a shoulder to cry on, great food or drink suggestions to get you through the day, and a helping hand when in need. Julia has been a Mom for 20 years, a young mom, a divorced mom, a single mom, a loved mom, a special needs mom, a fixed mom, a loving mom, and most importantly, a Mom who helps Moms. Learn more about Julia and her family by following Joy of Jessa on Facebook, Instagram, and https://joyofjessa.com/


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