I wear a few different hats. Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, housekeeper, 24-hour milk bar, etc. But most of those titles fall under “housewife”.

Housewife: “a woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing her household affairs, & doing housework, while her husband or partner is away”.

Housewife: The best and most fulfilling part about my life.

Call me old fashioned- but nothing will ever come close to the joy I feel about being a wife and “stay-at-home-mom”.

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I was blessed to be brought up by a mother who was also a housewife. Now that I’m one myself, I wish she was here for me to express my gratitude for all the hard work she put into her kids & our home day in and day out. My Dad worked really hard to see that she could live out her dream to be home with me and my siblings, keep our home tidy, and hold the family together.

Looking back I recall many moments in my teenage years when my Mother was oozing with the stresses of motherhood and life. At the time I didn’t think much of it- at 15 I didn’t have much life experience. Now having the same job as she once had- I can totally relate. It’s not easy keeping your home tidy, making all the appointments & social events, entertaining toddlers, breastfeeding on demand, making endless amounts of food, folding mounds of laundry, listening to children’s music non-stop, trying to stay healthy, finding time to exercise, getting the kids bathed, and in bed only to get interrupted sleep throughout the night… and then to do it all over again each day. Oh, and also throw in some time to be *finally* alone with your husband and work on your growing business whenever time allows.

But despite the busy day-to-day and the lack of time to my self–I believe it’s the most important work I’ll ever do in my lifetime. I believe raising and nurturing good humans is how I’ll make the biggest difference in the world. That’s how we’ll make the future bright.

When I nurse my baby I feel so much joy knowing I’m the only one on the planet who can feed her based on her nutritional needs, regulate her nervous system, and bathe her in a hormonal love cocktail.

When I make my toddler her favorite lunch I teach her how to eat healthy and love her body.

When I teach my 4 year old a new skill or word, I feel a sense of pride knowing she’s learning to be a little more independent each day.

When I take the girls to the playground I watch them learn bravery as they climb to new heights on the slide or monkey bars.

When we go to playdates I watch their social skills grow.

Some day soon I’ll nurse my baby for a final time. I’ll put her back to sleep during the night for a final time. My toddler won’t need me to make her lunch, ask me how to spell her name or tie her shoes. One day I’ll be done kissing boo-boos and reading bedtime stories.

Witnessing my daughters grow, learn, and thrive each day reminds me that one day this will all be a memory. One day I will have done my last deed as a mother and they’ll be on their own, independent, and making their own mark in the world.

So for now–I’ll be at home, living my best life and making sure my kids live theirs, too.

Tori is a wife, mother of 2 girls, a Birthfit coach, & personal trainer. Tori works in the home to raise her babies while also running her online personal training business helping moms during pregnancy & postpartum. When she's not "momming" or working to grow her business you can find her checking out a new coffee shop, beer garden, or working out. Her favorite foods include coffee, donuts, beer, & beef. She loves a good podcast or book she can learn from and believes that finding the simple joys in life are what make it so special. Catch Tori on Instagram @coach_tori_ or attend the pregnancy & postpartum support group she hosts the last Friday of every month at Truly Chiropractic.


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