February is finally arrived. Of course, we’re going to talk about sex, love, and romance…all things! I’m here to share from an occasionally overlooked perspective – solo dates. Before I share my ideas for sexy solo dates, I want to take a moment to shout out to my fellow single mamas.

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Please don’t let your singlehood stop you from experiencing romance and love. I don’t mean for the month; I mean all the time. You deserve it! You may be in a season where you must show that love to yourself, and that is ok! If you’re feeling a little low as Valentine’s Day approaches or struggling in singlehood, I hope this is your sign to TREAT YOURSELF, DARLING!

Romance is not just a couple’s thing! Here are some sexy solo date ideas.

  1. Spend the night at The Austin Proper. They have all you need for showering yourself with love and luxury, including a secret bar, spa, and fine dining. It’s a hidden gem in Austin!
  2. Enjoy a unique dining experience at Ember Kitchen. Put on your favorite dress and have a delicious live-fire-cooked meal. You could also have a drink at Subterra Agave Bar. These are all the makings for an amazing night with your amazing self!
  3. Want to step out of your comfort zone a little? I got you! Discover your inner diva with a pole dancing class at Inner Diva Studios.
  4. We all love a good DIY project; it’s therapeutic! Check out Upstairs Circus for some DIY and drinks!
  5. Indulge in a night or two of elegance at The Commodore Perry Estates. Every girl deserves to feel glamorous, and this is the perfect spot for that.

While Valentine’s Day is the theme for this month, I want to encourage you ladies to find pockets of time to treat yourselves. You’re so much more than a mom, wife, or employee. You’re a woman with desires and interests outside of the roles you take on in life. Don’t ever forget the things that make your heart soar. Prioritize feeding that part of who you are.


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