Chalimar Chieza

For over 30 years, Chalimar has called Austin her home. Inspired by the luscious Hill Country and sacred springs, Chalimar can be found most weekends wandering barefoot with her wildlings Rubye (2015) and Solomon (2017), showing them the beauty of nature and simplicity of life. Chalimar is married to her best friend and soulmate, Tatenda, a youth soccer coach. Her passions are photography, cooking and gardening. For the last 13 years, Chalimar has taught middle and high school History. After giving birth to her daughter, she also became a birth and postpartum doula with a goal of providing advocacy and eradicating the disparities in healthcare equality for birthing people. You can find Chalimar on Instagram (@chaliiib) and at MoonTribe Doula
First Aid Kit

First Aid Essentials: Build a Hippy(-ish) First Aid Kit

As parents, we have enough to worry about. Having toxic products with endocrine disruptors in our first aid/wilderness kits shouldn't be one of them. When my babies were little babies and they had their first...

5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known When Having a Miscarriage

5 Things I Wish I Would've Known When Having a Miscarriage | You didn't do anything to cause this. You can be older or younger. Black or white. Fit or fat. Rich or poor....

512: A Racial History Essay Of Austin

Did you know that in late 2013, the area code 737 was introduced to the Austin area and that is when people had to start 10 digit dialing on their phones? That's right. I...

Let’s Get Loud

I remember 12 year old me dancing in the mirror. Music loud. Body free. At school dances when others walked around the dance floor- shyness and trepidation taking the wheel- there I was. Getting...

I Had a Miscarriage

I’ve waited my entire life to be a mother. The first time I had a positive pregnancy test, I sat in quiet anticipation staring- at a stick. Waiting. Praying. I didn’t realize that I could...

“Hey Mama, Let’s Cook!”

"Hey Mama, Let's Cook!" I have this red apron that I only wear maybe one time a year. On the front it has a painting of me and my paternal grandmother along with some Christmas...

Meet Chalimar Chieza

Meet Chalimar Chieza Hi AMB! I'm Chalimar, a mama, doula, educator and photographic enthusiast. Growing up in Austin, the younger sister with two older brothers, I've always been somewhat of a black sheep. Stubborn. A...