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Austin Moms Blog } 5 Regrets of a Kinder Mom

5 Regrets Now That I’m a Kinder Mom

 A wise person once said that in life, there are no regrets--only opportunities to learn lessons. I'm willing to bet that person was probably not a mother. One of the most shocking things I realized about...
Austin Moms Blog | Schlotzsky's New Italian Menu

Viva L’Italia! The New Taste of Schlotzsky’s

Sponsored By: Schlotzsky's Italy has taken over Austin! I recently had the pleasure of trying out Schlotzsky's new Italian menu, and let me just say, it was an experience I was not expecting! Freshly-baked pasta dishes...
Austin Moms Blog | IDEA Public Schools

10 Reasons Why IDEA is the Best Idea For Me

Sponsored By: IDEA Public Schools A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. -John F. Kennedy As my son’s first school year comes into spring, I reflect on the challenges and gifts...

8 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs Lingerie

Married? Treat yo self!...Single? Treat yo self!...Divorced? Treat yo self! The confidence you gain from wearing beautiful, flattering lingerie is an underestimated tool in any situation, not just sexual. But since this is Valentine's season,...
Austin Moms Blog | Creating Ideas: Empower by Reading

Creating IDEAs: Empower by Reading

"Reading to your child daily" is the kale of parenting routines; intellectually, emotionally, and socially, it's a power food for your child's brain. Studies have even shown that parents who read to their children as...
Austin Moms Blog | Inspire Big Brains with WonderLab Learning

Inspiring Big Brains with WonderLab Learning

My time with WonderLab and the revelation that followed... I graduated with my bachelor's from Texas State University in 2008, the year that has likely gone down as one of the worst possible years to attempt...
Austin Moms Blog | My IDEA of a School

Preparing for Elementary: My IDEA of a School

As a co-parent to a young child, nothing in the last 5 years quite hit my son's father and me like the subject of school—REAL school! Not preschool at the local church or learning center...

Meet Our New Contributor: Elisa Botello

Austin Moms Blog is always growing and we’re thrilled to introduce our newest contributor, Elisa Botello! Show her some love! Elisa was raised in football-worshiping La Marque, Texas, and later graduated with honors from Texas...