Hi, I'm Heather. I'm a thirty-four year old SAHM. I live in North Austin with my husband Chris and our four kids. I'm a Louisiana native, but I've been in Austin almost five years. I love crafting, reading, keeping up with my kids' crazy lives, and I live on coffee!
Mothers and Daughters

She’s NOT My Mini | Mothers, Daughters, and Identity

Lately, as my daughter enters her preteens, I've been thinking more about identity- mine, hers, and the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters. I’ve never been one to refer to my daughter as my...

Returning to school, what today’s college students are teaching me

Last year, at 36, I decided to go back to college and finish out my degree, hopefully entering into a new field. I’d been out of school for over fifteen years. In returning to...
best planners

Best Planners for 2021

This year for Christmas, my husband bought me a new planner- best gift ever! I love things that give me the illusion of control of my life- planners, colored pens, stickers, to-do lists...a stationery...
black lives matter

Black Lives Matter, in the words of an 11 year old white child

We are ALL people. You may be White, Black, Chinese, or Hispanic…any race, but we are all humans. We may look different or even act different, but we are ALL still people who should...

When The 504 Meeting Doesn’t Go As Planned…

As a special needs parent, I was not prepared for a LOT of things.  So many doctor appointments, battles with health insurance, the struggles of daily life both big and small, relatives who judged...

I Have A 504 Meeting For My Kid…Help!

Approximately 2.8 million children in the United States are diagnosed with a disability- a physical, mental, or emotional impairment.  Researchers believe the true number is much higher, as many children are not diagnosed until...

Top No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Pumpkin carving has not always been a favorite tradition at my house.  Why? Pumpkin guts smell.  They are slimy. It is a LOT of work to scoop out the pumpkin. It is a LOT LOT...

Tips for Easing the Frustration of Car Rider Lines

“I love dropping off and picking up my kid in the car rider line…”                                           ...

Concussions in Children – What You Should Know

When my oldest son was in fourth grade, I got the dreaded school nurse phone call.  Fearing vomiting or an injury requiring stitches, I was initially relieved when the nurse told me why she...

Letting Go….When Your Last Kid Starts Kindergarten

Recently I met a mom at a park, who eyed my large brood and asked if we were ready for school to start.  As we chatted, she told me that her son would be...