Krista Hager

fired my mom

Why I Fired My Mom

I worked in the nonprofit field… aka… my childcare costs even for part-time work were pretty much what I made in a paycheck. However, I was one of the lucky ones. My mom gave...
Mean Moms

Mean Moms

OK mammas, let’s talk about bullying. But today I am not talking about bullying in our schools. I believe the problem lies much deeper than this. Let’s talk about mom bullying -- mean moms....

Are YOU a Hot Mess Mom?!

So here is the deal. Once upon a time I woke up one day (about a month ago), and was like "Today I will be the put-together mom I have always dreamed of." I...

Knowing I “Know” Nothing

Once upon a time, I was a wise 30-something woman. So wise that I knew, I "knew" nothing. I never dared to make the mistake of trying to advise parents on their children --...
Mother's Day Out

Why Mothers Day Out is Worth it

If you had asked me three months ago if Mother’s Day Out (MDO) is worth it, I would have strongly hesitated before answering.  We have our battles.  For one, my daughter is now a...

Knowing When Your Family is Complete

As I sit here today and breathe in the sweet relief of getting through the newborn stage, I stare at my amazing family, and I know in the bottom of my heart my family...

The Real Gift We Can Give: Patience

Tis the season for it is better to give than to receive. But what are we giving this holiday season? To each other, to ourselves, and most importantly, to our children? Raise your hand...

Postpartum: Remembering to Breathe

My husband gently reached over to me, lunging a baby towards me. It was 3 AM. I had just fed him at 2 AM. Shaking my head, I thought to myself, “No.  No.  No. ...

A Letter to My Daughter About “Our” Separation Anxiety

Dear Beautiful Little Beast (one day you will hate me for calling you that), You were so excited getting in the car with me this morning, ready to go on another one of our mommy...

When Your Child Loves Your Spouse More Than You!

My daughter loves me — of this I have no doubt. Rescuing her from her forced sleep, she wakes up utterly thrilled to see me each morning. I then sit with my little love on...