Kristen Jansen


20 Must-Haves During Cold & Flu Season

Don't be fooled by this lovely warmer weather we've been having...cold/flu season is still in full force!  Actually, it's funny I should be writing this post, as half our family is currently under the weather....
Austin Moms Blog | Heart Disease Awareness Month

Why Moms Should Care About Heart Health NOW

"Heart disease is extremely and dangerously hereditary.  You MUST take care of yourself"...were the words of my dad's surgeon to me ten years ago when my dad had his first heart attack. My mom, brother...

10 Hottest Trends for 2015 {Style+Beauty+Home+Kids+Entertaining}

A new year brings with it excitement, change, and the best part...fresh and creative trends!  Some trends come and go, some hang around for several seasons or years, and some are just so dang good...

Road-tripping With Kids: A Survival Guide

This time of year most families venture away from home...meaning a road trip with kids.   Whether it's an hour down the road to San Antonio or a two-day drive to Florida, holidays often mean...

5 Things I’ve Learned From Elf On The Shelf

Okay let's get real here and cross our fingers that our children never see this post...Disclaimer: I have strong negative feelings towards our Elf on the Shelf. He's been with our family for...I don't...

Austin Moms Blog Playdate at iPlay Austin

We are super excited to share some big news with everyone today....we have our next play date event in less than two weeks at iPlay Austin and it's FREE!!!!   An Austin Moms Blog play date...

The “I Don’t Have Enough Patience” Homeschooling Myth

In full disclosure, I've kinda always wanted to homeschool my kids...for all the right reasons, and maybe some not-so-valid ones too.   But when it came down to it, I put my kids in public...

10 Signs You’re Living in a Girl’s World

Growing up with only one brother, I had NO idea what to expect when we had more than one daughter...three to be exact.  I didn't know (and am still learning) how to parent sisters....

10 Fall Activites For Kids {When It Still Feels Like Summer}

While we DID get a little taste of Fall last week (wasn't it wonderful???), central Texas still has many a day left of warm temperatures...and if not warm, warm-ISH.  When the calendar says Fall,...

Why Our Daughters Are Hitting Puberty Earlier Than Ever

As a mother of three girls, it scares me to death when I see study after study about girls hitting puberty much earlier these days.  (And just to clarify, hitting puberty is defined as breast development, not the...