Mariel Lindsay

Mariel Lindsay

Is It Discrimination to “Not Like Kids”?

Sometimes we meet people we just don’t like. Sometimes those people are kids. It happens. Some kids just rub us the wrong way, whether it be their attitude or whiney voices or whatever else....

The Single Mom We DON’T Want to Be

Years ago, when I was childless and in college, I began to waitress part-time. One of the other waitresses was a girl a little older than me, and I soon learned that the other...

Austin Murals Guide

One of the many charms of our thriving city is its plethora of street art. New murals sprout up almost every day, and discovering new artwork emblazoned across buildings and walls is always a...

I’m that mom who ignores her kid at the park.

Yes, that’s me. I don’t pay much attention to my kid when we’re hanging out at the park or kiddie pool or some such place. And some of you probably wonder why as you...

The Infamous Online ‘Mommy Wars’

The Infamous Online 'Mommy Wars' The other day I rashly remarked to a friend after receiving some online insults on a controversial blog post of mine: “They say motherhood brings out the best in women....

Is Modern Motherhood Too Easy?

  Is modern motherhood too easy? I think about what motherhood used to mean – before technology and modern medicine and easy fixes. It meant widespread risk of death in childbirth. It meant astronomical rates of...

Why ‘Girl Moms’ Shouldn’t Get Breast Implants

A few weeks ago I read an article about breast implants and the comment section abounded with women complaining about the small size or sagginess of their post pregnancy and breast-feeding mammaries. They couldn’t wait...

Why I Hired My Own Personal Paparazzi

Sponsored By: I’m actually not a sentimental, take-lots-of-photos type of gal. Nor am I in the habit of spending big bucks to have someone take pretty pictures of me (filtered selfies will suffice, thanks.)...
Austin Moms Blog | Ways to Talk to Your Teenager About Pregnancy Prevention

Ways to Talk to Your Kids about Teen Pregnancy Prevention

May was National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, but it's a problem that plagues teens every day, all year long. This is a theme that attests to the truth that teen pregnancy is still worrisomely...
Austin Moms Blog | Motherhood is Tragic

Motherhood is Tragic

    The other day while scanning my Facebook newsfeed I chanced upon a literary quote posted by a fellow mother. The excerpt started off by stating that the relationship between mother and child is inherently...