One of the many charms of our thriving city is its plethora of street art. New murals sprout up almost every day, and discovering new artwork emblazoned across buildings and walls is always a delight. Listed below are some of the most iconic, or just plain cool,  Austin murals currently beautifying the city. Enjoy!

1. Greetings from Austin {S. 1st and Annie}

Create your own postcard by taking a photo here!  Then stop by at the charming little patisserie next door for some macarons.

greetings from atx

2. Selena Portrait {1619 E. Cesar Chavez}

Pay homage to the beloved Tex-Mex singer.


3. La Loteria {1619 E. Cesar Chavez}

Inspired by the classic Mexican card game and located on the same wall as Selena. A two-in-one deal!

la loteria

4. I love you so much {1300 S. Congress on side of Jo’s Coffee}

Originally an ode to the coffee shop’s beloved brew, it’s become one of the hottest spots in ATX for a photo-opp.


5. Jeremiah the Innocent {21st and Guadalupe}

Spray-painted onto the side of a building on the Drag, I don’t really know who Jeremiah the Innocent is but I’m glad he’s there, as are many others who routinely take photos posing next to the friendly frog.


6. Don’t Mess with Texas {6th street and SB 1-35 Access Road}

Force your out-of-state visitors to take a picture here. : )



8. You’re my Butter Half {2000 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd}

All the photos taken here may seem cliché or overdone by now, but who can resist taking a photo-opp with her little(s) here?!


9. Deity mural {3204 Guadalupe Street}

Located on the side of Mandala Tibetan Shop and across from Five Guys, this mural is little known but visually stunning.


10. ‘Til death do us part. {419 Congress Ave}

Located on the side of the Mexic-Arte Museum downtown, you might wanna visit this one on a Sunday to also get free admission to the museum!

til death do us part

11. Deep Eddy Mural Project {401 Deep Eddy Ave.}

Located right next to the beloved Deep Eddy swimming pool, this mural makes the site’s lush scenery even more aesthetically pleasing.

deep eddy

12. Our Lady of Guadalupe {1628 E. Cesar Chavez}

Located on the front wall of Los Huaraches restaurant. My guess is there are plenty of murals in ATX depicting La Virgen, but this is one I see regularly when I head there for some of the best Mexican breakfasts in town.

la virgen

13. Puppy Love {2015 E. Riverside Drive}

Located on the side of Mud Puppies, take your kid(s) and your canine for an adorable photo-opp.

puppy love

14. Rhapsody Mosaic Mural {E. 11h and Waller}

Evocative and vibrant, this masterpiece reflects East ATX’s African-American and jazz heritage.


15. “Live Music Capital of the World” {6th near San Jacinto}

Because we are!

live music capital

Et voila. What are some of your favorite murals not listed above?

Featured Image Credit :: Stephanie Anne Studios


  1. The Til Death Do Us Part Mural is no longer at the Mexicarte Museum. It permanently resides at a building on the corner of 7th and Waller.


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