A Fun, Unplugged Summer

When my family and I went back home to Mississippi for graduation, it was amazing to catch up with Great Aunts and Uncles, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th cousins - the whole clan. It was...

Our Girl Scouts Story

Girl Scouts of America prides itself in adapting and supporting the abilities of all girls. New friends, virtual and in-person, participate together in a curriculum that is guided by the Girl Scout council with...

18 Places to Volunteer with Kids in Austin

18 Places to Volunteer with Kids in Austin | Volunteering and giving back to the community is something I want to model for my children, starting at a young age. Volunteering together is the...
A view of a Caribbean dish of curry chicken in a restaurant or kitchen setting

Delicious Caribbean Dish You Can Prepare Year Round

  In the creation of this wonderful Caribbean dish, I partnered with Shanon Murray, an author and fellow contributor of Austin Moms. Shanon learned her culinary craft from her late grandmother, Yvonne Murray, a native...

Gardening Tips | Here’s What to Plant Now

If your garden looks anything like mine, it's a landscape of sun-scorched, dry and lifeless bleh. Our patio plants, backyard garden and the front landscaping bed got wiped out from the unusually cold weather...

Pool Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Lather up the children in sunscreen, pack puddlejumper/towels/water bottles, drive to an area watering hole, unload the kids & all their swim accessories, manage to snag a shady spot, and actually enjoy for 20...
Travel This Summer

8 Products You Need to Travel Safely This Summer

Safety comes in many forms depending on pre-Covid, during Covid and post-Covid or almost post-Covid. Yep, this is how I am measuring safety in travel. Whether you have already traveled this year or not,...

Sports Physicals | Georgetown Pediatrics

Georgetown Pediatrics believes that having a medical home where a family can go to be welcomed, listened to and taken care of in a compassionate manner is important.  It is at your medical home...

Happy National Play Outside Day

Central Texans like to boast that there’s nothing quite like Spring in our beautiful state. The wildflowers, the short but powerful rains bringing life to our hill country, the warm (and if we’re lucky...
horseback riding

Best Places for Horseback Riding Lessons in Austin

I honestly can’t remember a time that I didn’t love horses...in my first photo-documented horseback ride, I was two years old! I’ve continued to take lessons, care for, lease, compete with, and own horses...