Shani Montique-Ahmad

Shani Montique-Ahmad
Shani is the Co-Owner and Business Manager of the private music school, Franklin Music Academy, where she wears many hats. When she is not overseeing business operations, she is dreaming up DIY projects at home and gets inspired by going to way too many open houses for sale, which keeps her husband on his toes. She is married to her best friend and love, JP, of almost 9 years and, regrettably, they have no kids yet. Shani has a wealth of experience in infertility ranging from miscarriage to surrogacy and has tons of knowledge in music education and parenting via her business.
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Hi, I'm Shani Montique-Ahmad. I am an Austin native born to Jamaican parents and have always loved to overindulge in many comforts at once like watching a movie surrounded by pillows, while under a...