DIY Summer Camp At Home

DIY Summer Camp At Home Would your tween/teen want to hang out with their friends/cousins for an entire week? And, would you love for them to be happily occupied with minimal effort and expense from...

Why Old School Is Still Cool

Why Old School Is Still Cool Analog Mama In A Digital World So......I'm an 80s baby. I grew up when cassette tapes were cool, you could only rent movies at Blockbuster, and side ponytails were LIT!...

The Myth Of Balance

The Myth Of Balance   I'm not sure I have ever had balance in my life. My Type A personality is mostly to blame for this. I'm typically an all or nothing type. If I commit...
ready to read

Get Ready to Read!

“IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. . . seeeeeeeeee . . . aaaaaaaaa . . . buuuuuuug.” Is there anything cuter than a new reader sounding out words? My son had come home from school with his first “easy reader”...

Easy DIY Father’s Day Craft Ideas

Father’s Day can be a great time to get creative and enlist the kids in a fun crafting activity that results in a stellar gift for Dad. The good news is that there's not...

5 Classic Books For Your Kid’s Summer Reading List

Summer is almost in full swing, and I can't think of a better way to pass these hot, long days than under the shade of a tree with a good book. Ok, I know that's...

Cinco de Mayo: A U.S. Holiday

For years, Cinco de Mayo has been a staple of “side” holidays in the U.S.  It’s no Thanksgiving or Christmas as far as getting an actual day off of work. Instead, it ranks right...

Awesome Austin Splash Pads You Won’t Want to Miss this Summer

It's once again that glorious time of year, also known as Splash Pad Season! If you've made it through at least one Austin summer - or even early fall - then you know how...

The Ultimate Way to Spend a Day in Austin, Texas

Whether you're visiting Austin or still getting acquainted, I've put together a short list of my very favorite spots for a day and night well-spent (guaranteed). Here is how to spend a day in Austin: Eats...
swim lessons

Everybody Into the Pool! An AMB Swim Lesson Guide

Just as the cobbler’s children had no shoes, this swim teacher’s kid couldn’t do the backstroke worth a lick. In my teens and 20s, I was a lifeguard, swim instructor, and camp aquatics director,...

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