Brittany Jedrzejewski

Brittany Jedrzejewski
Brittany’s two children (now a teen and a tween!), have gifted her with the most beautiful name (and role) in the world. Their journey together inspires her to pursue her passion of writing, a powerful catalyst that brings mothers together in sisterhood. As the Preemptive Love Coalition says, “When we live like we all belong to each other, we answer much of the longing in the world.” Brittany is grateful for a work-life balance in digital marketing @gemalto and as a brand architect working with female entrepreneurs who are making the world a better place for their clients. She’s also an outdoor lover, reader, memory maker, runner, joke teller, ambassador for the poor. Looking to publish The Virtual Village. She has a great Brad Pitt story and uses Instagram @brittfarjed to tell her story.

Fair Trade Christmas Shopping 2019

Last weekend I attended the annual Artreach Ethical Gift Fair and was inspired to share the many ways we can support local, fair trade businesses. First, what exactly is fair trade? Fair trade is a...

I Caught My Teenager Drinking

No. Not this. I’m not ready. I miss the innocence. My heart hurts. What have I done wrong? On Halloween night, I agreed to let my son have a few of his closest friends over...

What To Do When Your Child Tells You She Is Fat

In late 2017, I wrote a post called My Changing Body as a way to talk about body image and weight in ways women don’t discuss enough. I’ve never been fully satisfied with my...

Why I Need Friends

Reflecting on the big milestones in my life – graduating from high school and college, getting confirmed, my wedding, moving to Austin, my kids’ births and birthdays, the death of my dad, running my...

There’s A Person Behind the Screen

A few weeks ago, a post I wrote sparked harsh comments. Comments that attacked my character on the Austin Moms Blog Facebook page. Prior to this, the negative feedback I’ve received online was extremely...

What Rachel Held Evans Can Teach Us

You have most likely heard about the recent death of the best-selling Christian author and influencer Rachel Held Evans. I followed her on Twitter and always admired her brave voice, especially in her advocacy...

Talking To Kids About Respecting Our Leaders: How Viewing The President Has Changed Over...

Talking To Kids About Respecting Our Leaders: How Viewing The President Has Changed Over Time Editor's Note: Our team edited the featured image in this blog post in an effort to stay authentic to the...

My First Experience With Plastic Surgery

My First Experience With Plastic Surgery It was all because of Instagram! A friend of mine tagged me in a contest for an IPL Photofacial (approximate value: $400) on a local lifestyle influencer's post, and I...

Mom’s Guide To Getting Involved At Your Child’s School

Mom’s Guide To Getting Involved At Your Child’s School As a former PTO president, I know from personal experience there’s a volunteering opportunity for everyone – regardless of school or grade, working or stay-at-home mom, introvert...

25 Mother-Son Dates In Austin

25 Mother-Son Dates In Austin In follow-up to my fellow contributor’s blog on Mommy Daughter Dates in Austin, here are 25 ideas for mother son dates in Austin. I jumped at the chance to write...

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