Practical, Sustainable and Affordable Fashion Finds

With warm Texas weather upon us (finally!), we are ready to venture back out into the world with some fun fashion flair that had been hiding in our dark closets. After being a homebody...

No Mama, You DON’T Need to be Productive During Naptime

Fellow moms, let’s take a moment to talk about unrealistic expectations even for the little things like naptime. If this pandemic world has taught me anything, it’s that we as a society put too...

Things Will Never Be the Same

Since March 2020, I have had an article for this blog sitting stagnant in an online folder of writing projects. The premise of the article? How our normal should change following a global pandemic....

How To Survive Divorce During The Pandemic

My husband and I recently marked our 25th wedding anniversary, but we didn’t acknowledge it with the trip to Hawaii we’d always dreamed of. We didn’t even enjoy a dinner out, and it’s not...

Learning to Love Myself This Valentine’s Day

For most of my adult life, I have always felt like I was waiting for love, waiting for “the one” to make his entrance. I have had relationships that burned quickly or raged on...

Navigating Single Motherhood and Kids With Anxiety

“The opposite of anxiety isn’t calm. It’s trust.”  I set my mascara down, scrambled to find the nearest notepad, and scrolled back the podcast 30 seconds to hear it again. Dr. Emily King, a Licensed...
Lake Bastrop

Glamping on Lake Bastrop

Roasting marshmallows over a campfire, gazing up at the stars, and communing with nature ground my soul. As a former Cub Scout Den Mother, I’ve racked up my share of camping days— pitching tents,...

Sometimes being told to stay-at-home puts families in danger-at-home

Between March 16 and April 5 of this year, SAFE had 41 child abuse/parenting related calls. Last year during the same timeframe, SAFE had just 17 calls. Our social media feeds are now filled with...

I Don’t Tribe Well

I don’t tribe well. I really don’t. That’s the ugly truth right there in pink and white. As a young girl, I would sometimes run around with the neighborhood kids playing Hide ‘n Seek or walking...

I Am An Introverted Mom

The best parenting move I've made in a while, was.. sitting my oldest son down the other day, and explaining to him what it means to be an "introvert" or an "extrovert". He actually already...