So the new Facebook is totally getting on my nerves {Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE Facebook, but we’re having relationship struggles right now.}

I liked Facebook in 2006–your news feed was the perfect combination of updates and pictures and they were in order and didn’t jump all around because one had more likes than the other. Now, if something has a ton of likes you see if days later even if you saw it when the poster originally posted it…first world problems, I know.

Well, because Facebook has its little annoying algorithms, I saw a post for Salt Dough Ornaments like 10 times before I thought, what the hell, I’ll make this with Caroline on Sunday morning. I knew we’d have  a little bit of extra time with each other with Daylight Saving’s Time and thought a little QT in the kitchen would serve us well.

Here’s the post that’s making its way into the news feeds of thousands and some images of our attempt to make this “simple craft:”

Dough Hand

Ingredients: Dough, salt, water, oven, bowl, rolling pin, hand of child, cookie sheet and as with any child’s craft {or as Caroline calls them “crapt”} a little bit of patience.

Pour the dough, salt and water into bowl and mix it up. This is a little messy and at one point Caroline said she’d rather go clean up her toys than put her hands in the bowl of dough. A little coaxing later, she was fine and wanted to do it “all by mineself.”

You’re supposed to get this combination to be dough-like…which was easily achieved and then move it to parchment paper or a “flour coated surface” to start the next piece. Well, heavens to Besty we couldn’t get the damn dough to not stick to parchment paper, a floured counter, foil OR a floured plate so the advertised “make impression with hand a cut around with a knife” piece didn’t work out so nicely.

I ended up smacking Caroline’s hand down in the middle of our dough and saying “whatevs” to the cutting out the excess dough in the name of being DONE with this damn ornament at this point.  Keep in mind I had been messing with flour AND a three-year-old for twentyish minutes, which in my mind is nineteen minutes too long.

We put the thing into the oven for the hours that it called for and when it came out…it was definitely hard, but it was a hot hard mess. I showed it to Caroline and she said “I don’t think my grandma wants this,” and she was right. No amount of paint in the world have made that Pinterest-worthy.

So, there you have it folks…my failed attempt to make something Pinterest worthy for Caroline’s grandparents. Oh, what’s that you say? You remember when I failed at making something earlier this year? Yea…me, too.  That’s why I’m PINSTRATED!

Lisa was talking about being in a rut emotionally, but I am in a rut from a craft perspective. #nomegusta


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