We talk about the time with our kids moving too fast!  Its like I blinked and my sleeping newborn baby is now a little boy running through the house!  How did this happen so fast?  Im afraid Ill blink again and hell be packing for college.  


Since time will not slow down, my husband and I decided that we will take time to be more intentional about the moments with our son.  This jar is our visual reminder to stop and celebrate sweet memories, acknowledge victories and failures, and make strong commitments to our family.  This is our reminder that the days with JJ in our home are numbered and we have a responsibility to do the best we can by Gods grace.  Its a container full of prayers, memories, celebrations, and promises.  

And hopefully it will help time slow down.  


One marble represents each week until our son turns 18.  For us, there are 860 marbles and counting!  By March 16th of 2031 there will be no more marbles in this jar.  


This Sunday night I took out one marble and talked with my husband about our favorite memory from the week.  Then we talked about the coming week and how we could be more intentional as parents.  Finally we celebrated one more week with our wonderful son and the joy he brings to our lives.  

Next week we will do the same thing.  As we take a marble out of the jar we will give thanks for the week we had.  By taking a moment to pause, time will move a little slower.  Just a little.  

Join me!  Do some math, get a jar, fill it with marbles and BE INTENTIONAL with your kids!

DO SOME MATH:  I found this awesome website that will do all the math for you: easysurf.cc (select Stopwatch, Calendar Menu, 15. Day Counter).  Put in todays date and then the date of your childs 18th birthday and you will find out how many days and weeks are left until that big birthday.  (If you put in the day your child was born and their 18th birthday you will see there are 6,574 days and 939 weeks, give or take considering where you childs birthday falls in leap year!)

GET A JAR:  I found these containers at Michaels for 50% off!  I wasnt sure how much room I would need so I bought two sizes.  I found that the small 5.5jar held more than 1,000 mini-marbles so I returned the large jar.


FILL IT WITH MARBLES:  I picked out clear and dark blue mini-marbles.  I wasnt sure how many marbles were in each package so I headed home and started by counting one big and small bag.  The small bag (12oz) had 240 marbles and the large bag (42oz) had 696 marbles. 

austin-moms-blog-intentional-jar1 austin-moms-blog-intentional-jar2

After counting I headed back to Michaels for another small bag of dark blue mini-marbles to mix in more color and traded my oval/flat marbles for a lighter aqua color.  These oval/flat marbles are a different shape and slightly larger.  I wanted something different to represent each birthday.  

I got home and recounted my marbles, twice!  I had way too many marbles but my color combination was just right!  I used mostly clear and dark blue and included 17 of the aqua oval/flat marbles.  


Overall cost – $16.45 +tax

Jar @ 50% off (in story sale) – $4.49

Large mini-marbles @ 40% off (online coupon) – $4.19

Small mini-marbles @ $2.99 

Small mini-marbles @ $2.99

Small oval/flat marbles @ 40% off (online coupon) – $1.79


This craft was simple but SO meaningful!  I am grateful that my friend shared her idea and I took the time to count 1,000+ mini-marbles!!!!  Time will never slow down, Ive been told it seems to go faster and faster.  But you do have the ability to pause and be intentional with the time you have been given.  Celebrate your memories, celebrate your kids, celebrate you! 



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