A treasure found on OneDay

Over the past few months I have been using OneDay to take small videos of my son.  Today, I was looking through some of the short clips I have made and I found this treasure.  This is a very short video taken of my boys, my son Justus and our sweet dog Brody.  At the time I took this video “I had no idea we would lose Brody just two weeks later.

Less than 72 hours ago I was on a walk with my son and our very energetic golden retriever Brody.  Today we are mourning the loss of our sweet dog and attempting to adjust to what feels like an empty home.

You can read the full story about losing Brody, here

OneDay has become a new favorite for many reasons.  But today I grew to like this app so much more.   What a sweet memory of our quiet outdoor afternoons.  Just a boy and his dog!
OneDay is an instant video maker that is currently FREE on itunes. You can download this awesome little app, here. OneDay makes it fun to create short movies of your child’s life with a few simple steps. You open the app, pick a question from a wide selection of fun story sets, and record your children’s answers. Then the app automatically stitches the recorded videos together, and adds music to make quality, priceless movies to share with family and friends.OneDay is the go-to place to help you tell your children’s story one day at a time. 

Have you had a chance to download the app? 

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