College Bound :: Mom Feelings About Leaving the Nest

Hello Love! It’s the time of year when high school seniors begin receiving their college-bound acceptance letters. This is the year for my Senior to determine what she wants her future to resemble. I’d...

Returning to school, what today’s college students are teaching me

Last year, at 36, I decided to go back to college and finish out my degree, hopefully entering into a new field. I’d been out of school for over fifteen years. In returning to...

Breaking Bread with Your Neighbors

So long California… Moving away from family and friends in California and creating a new life in a new city (Austin) can be challenging. We quickly realized that having a strong support system here...
Educational Model

Coronavirus Highlights the Need for Educational Model Update

How Coronavirus Highlights the Need for Educational Model Update Coronavirus virus is still in big swing here at home. It’s demands that life change as we know it are exhausting and mentally draining. Informational shifts...

To The Moms Who Are Getting That Degree

Dear Moms working on a degree, first let me say, I see you and I appreciate you. Second, no you aren’t crazy, it is hard. It is infinitely harder with children around. This past summer,...

4 Reasons To Block Blue Light + Our Favorite Brands

In a year when no working mom thought she would ever become a homeschooling mom, many things with our health have been studied and come to light. One of those is looking more closely...
Austin Achieve Public Schools

Supporting Your Child Through Distance Learning | Austin Achieve Public Schools

Even as schools in the Austin area begin to re-open, in-person learning remains an intimidating option for many families for various reasons. At Austin Achieve Public Schools, we are proud to offer exceptional on-campus...
Virtual Learning

5 Tips to Help With Virtual Learning | Sylvan Learning Center

I first made the decision to homeschool well over a decade ago, when I was a mom of 2. As the years passed, my household expanded from four to nine. I learned volumes of...
in-person learning

What I’ve Learned Since My Kids Started Back to In-Person Learning

I held my daughter’s soft hand as her brother raced ahead to the bus. It was the first day of in-person learning at school. Parents waved at each other, smiled, and made comments on...

Pregnancy + Smart Devices… What To Know To Protect Your Baby

Behavioral difficulties in children are becoming more common these days, little did moms know this could start as early as pregnancy and they only had to look as far as their smart devices. As...