Mask On, Mask Off – Back to School 2021-2022

We are all facing Covid 2.0, while in full swing of our children to returning to academic learning for the 2021-2022 school year. We have many decisions to make... virtual, in-person, homeschool, public school,...

Preparing for Kindergarten

Can you believe it? Back-to-school is officially here. Do you have a soon-to-be kindergartener? If so, here are some tips to help you prepare your child for the big leap into Kindergarten. RELATED READING ::...

My Baby Starts Preschool: How I Am Preparing

With every grinning first-day-of-school picture I see, I'm reminded that in just a couple weeks, it'll be my tiny baby starting preschool for the first time. And I'm going to have to prepare for...

Back-to-School and The Delta Variant: A Mom’s Perspective

Has back-to-school become uncertain for you because of the Delta variant? This week, my son - along with many other children - will return to the classroom for the first time since March of...
Back to School Traditions-Tashara Angelle- First Day of School, Mom and daughter

Back-To-School Traditions: What Are Your Favorites?

What are your family's favorite back-to-school traditions? Growing up, my family had a “tradition” for everything. For New Year’s Eve, as a pastor’s family, we all gathered in a circle at midnight to “pray in”...

Transitioning From Homeschool to Public School Post-Pandemic and On the Spectrum

With school peering around the corner, it’s about that time I begrudgingly pick up my school anxiety. It’s different than regular anxiety because it’s solely based on hyper focusing on school at a rapid...

Best Supplies for Back to School From a Teacher

Having been a student and a teacher for most of my life, you could say that I’ve had extensive experience with school supplies. If my years have taught me anything, it’s that function and...
Back to School

Back to School Tips for the 2021-2022 School Year

Hello Love! It’s August and school will soon be in session. Creating a positive back to school experience comes with so many thoughts and feelings. Children are often excited about the opportunity to learn...

Pool Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Lather up the children in sunscreen, pack puddlejumper/towels/water bottles, drive to an area watering hole, unload the kids & all their swim accessories, manage to snag a shady spot, and actually enjoy for 20...

National Summer Learning Week

In celebration of National Summer Learning Week  (July 12-16), Time4Learning Founder and President John Edelson wants to offer parents helpful summer learning tips that counter the effects of the past year. After a year of education amid chaos, evidence shows that...