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Hello to my beautiful boys. You have brightened my world in a way I couldn’t have ever even imagined. The way you look at me with such love and complete trust warms me to the bone. The fact that you still need, ask for and at times demand mama cuddles and millions of kisses is something I look forward to every time I open my eyes. When you are old enough to read this, you may not need my hugs and kisses as much if at all. Please know that I am storing each one of them in my heart, along with your laughter and smiles. I am locking them away to keep with me forever.

Now, all of that being said, this is what I want you to remember about yourselves. You are two and four years old as I write this letter. You love to laugh, be tickled, be chased, dance and sing. Don’t ever lose those bright spirits; they will light the path even in the darkest of times.

You like to pretend to be those you admire or met along the way. On any given day you both keep me guessing on who you are at that moment. You might be a doctor, a teacher a train conductor or even a trash man. Other times you are the Music Man, a tap dancer, a fireman, a pirate or a superhero. Then there are those extra special times when you combine your characters to be the ninja-skydiving instructor-chef-papa with a sense for adventure trying to deliver mail. Don’t ever lose your imagination. It is through the things you come up with that my own writing has been sparked. You leave me in awe, and I thank you.


You can’t wait to be able to read, write and be big. I am not ready for you to grow up, but both of you already pretend you already are big boys. You “read” me stories by looking at the pictures of a book and write letters using swirls, scribbles and even letters these days. We have always loved our story times, you ask me to read to you every day. You pick your favorite stories and let us know if we tell them wrong. Don’t ever lose your love of literature. It will open up all types of new worlds and help you understand and appreciate the worlds of others.


You play (bang) all of the instruments we can get our hands on. You make beautiful music for me and papa. Don’t ever lose that melody you feel in your hearts. I hope you create amazing soundtracks of your lives.

You love to recreate plays, movies and even books with costumes and props. You may not remember all of the words, but I am amazed about how much of the words and songs you actually do recall. I will be front row at any performance you want to do for as long as I can. I will always be your biggest fan. Don’t ever lose your passion or your confidence to act as you like (respectfully, of course).

You both get so excited when you learn something new. I love to watch you as you learn a new game or figure out how something works. I especially love the light in your eyes when you see something beautiful. Don’t ever lose your enthusiasm for life or your wonderment for beauty.


You find it hysterical when you hear a new word in either English or Spanish. Yet after the laughter, your curiosity grows and you want to know what that funny sounding word means. Don’t ever lose your love of learning about the new things you encounter in life.

You are stubborn and hard headed which tends to drive me insane at times. It is at those times that I have to remind myself that it means you are both independent and strong souls. Don’t ever lose your voice and always stand up for what you believe.


You are strong, brave, daring and amazing people. You will shine your light on everyone you meet. You will learn to love, to be loved and even at times to say goodbye to love. You will unfortunately experience sadness, disappointment, anger and disbelief. Learn from those times but don’t hang on to them. Instead only hang on to the times you experience love, happiness, success, pure joy and amazement at the world and people around you. Carry those happy feelings in your heart and keep them there just I as keep your hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter locked up in mine. Know that those feelings will always be there with you especially when you need them most. Keep them with you always and know those same happy emotions that you allowed me to share with you are what keeps my heart warm every day.  I love you both more than this letter can say and I hope you grow up to share your love, respect the world along with everybody in it and lead by example. Lastly, I ask that you never stop learning and always keep a song in your heart.

I love you this much! (Arms reaching out as far as I can stretch them)





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