Hello Austin!

I’m Rachel, lover of ice cold kombucha, semi crunchy living, cuss words and a good spray tan.

Originally from California and New York City, I moved to Austin when I was 25 for my first big girl job. Fast forward a few years, I fell in love with a beer drinking, Texas A&M Football loving country boy who moved me to the bible thumping boondocks where I lived the trophy wife dream (nightmare). Shortly after we were married; I got pregnant which was a dream come true!

Becoming a mother changed me to my core. I was awakened spiritually, mentally and physically in ways I didn’t even know how I had to be awoken. In an attempt to redefine myself, reclaim my authenticity and independence, I┬áseparated from my husband and son’s father when my boy was five months old. I moved back to Austin, spent my life savings on a business idea and have found true fulfillment in every aspect of my life. (In case you’re wondering, my ex-husband and I are the best of friends and co-parent like bosses!)


My passion for motherhood coupled with my fitness expertise has given me purpose. I am so excited to join AMB and extend my reach to women seeking self care, wellness, and fitness.

I am mommy to the sweetest, most curious and talkative, boob obsessed, non sleeping little 21-month-old boy with a Mohawk, named Deuce. (How’s that for a description!!??)

I spend far too much money on rent so we can live the downtown/ Zilker life and I dream of the day when education is free, healthcare makes sense and my kid asks for kale over dinosaur nuggets.




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