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body size

Wellness isn’t a body size

It took me about 2 decades, becoming a mom, suffering through debilitating eating disorders, therapy, God, crystals, certifications, maturity and tears, to finally get to this place. That wellness isn't a body size. What place...
Love Your Body

Dear Body, today and everyday I love you.

Valentines Day, a day of LOVE, romance and all the yummy feelings that surround the act of being in LOVE.I’d like to attempt to rewrite, or add to this narrative, and extend...

How To Achieve Curls With Your Flat Iron!

How To Achieve Curls With Your Flat Iron!  Curling iron. Flat iron. Wand. Instyler...the list of tools promising to get you those "bouncy curls," goes on and on. It can be intimidating. What if I told...
family-friendly places in Austin

Top 10 New(ish) Family-Friendly Places in Austin

Can I get a witness for how AMAZING Austin is for families? Seriously, there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not hearing about a new restaurant (my prerequisites are margaritas and playgrounds),...

I Spoil My Children, But Not In The Way You Think

How's that for a catchy tagline? Do I have your attention now? Ok good, so let me explain why I spoil my kids. I have 3...one from my vagina, and 2 from marriage. There's something...

How To Make Your Own Elderberry Syrup

Ok, I already know you're thinking "Alright hippie mom, tell me how your secret potion is gonna cure my kids cedar fever." Girl, I wish I had the answer also. I don't consider myself...
Austin Restaurants Where Kids Can Play

Austin Restaurants Where Kids Can Play

Bringing babies to restaurants is easy. I would put my little one on my boob and enjoy at least an hour long conversation over chips and guac with my girlfriends. Then at 8 months, he...
postnatal fitness

Mama Got Her Body Back! The Best Postnatal Fitness Classes in Austin

I remember the days when I could drink a little wine, ok wait, it wasn't wine, it was tequila, and it wasn't a little, it was a lot; and end the night with a few slices...

Best Mommy + Me Classes in Austin

The joys of being a new mama. Your baby sleeps almost all day, people are visiting you on the hour to bring you hot meals and clean your house, and you're still high on...

Austins Best Indoor Play Places

I don't know about you, but I'm a pool mom… That means every single day between wake up and nap time my toddler and I are at the pool or the splash pad… There...