Valentines Day, a day of LOVE, romance and all the yummy feelings that surround the act of being in LOVE.

I’d like to attempt to rewrite, or add to this narrative, and extend this YUMMY indulgent show of affection to OURSELVES and our bodies.

Mama, the body that you are in right now, is the site of a miracle, or 3 or 5 or 10! You grew, and fed and birthed a human INSIDE of that vessel. You run and play and bounce and rock, and snuggle and care for tiny humans with that body.

And before you were someones mommy? That body led you on vacations, and girls nights, and grad school and spin classes and maybe even supported you through eating disorders and punishment.

Our bodies are THE thing that is worthy of the overabundance, unconditional love that we so effortlessly give to others, but why, is it so hard to offer it to ourselves?

Society, and the wellness industry and the pressure from the media, has sold us the lie, that we are ONLY worthy if we are small. That our bodies are the only thing we have to offer this world and if it isn’t perfect, it isn’t important. I’m here to tell you, NO, not today, and not anymore. We are worthy, and perfect, and important, just the way that we are, in the body we are in, and NOTHING can change that.

Does this sound pollyanna? Some self love hype shit, that doesn’t REALLY make you feel better? 
Well let me get deeper. Science shows that the repetitive nature of punitive exercise, restriction around food and excessive disordered eating behaviors almost TRIPLE your chances of depression, anxiety or another mental health condition.

Science shows that punitive exercise causes inflammation in the body, that over time can contribute to illnesses such as cancer.

Science shows that if you continue to STRESS, cortisol levels in your body will elevate, and your sleep will be affected which contributes to poor immunity and digestive function.

And if that isn’t enough, aren’t we tired? Aren’t we tired of the rat race of hating our bodies? Of trying to shrink them? Can we use this as our permission slip to just exhale already?

Like really, do it now. INHALE and then EXHALE.

How can you show your body some love this weekend?
How about a dance class (on zoom or outdoors of course)

Or a bath? Or a massage? Or a walk or bike ride with the fam?

Can you fuel your body with foods and produce from the earth and drink more water than anything else?

Lets love on theses bodies that are SO worthy of our wellness.



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