Hi Austin moms! My name is Andrea and I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. I feel like this was a phase I went through when I turned 25, but 6 years later I’m still asking myself the same questions.

Apparently, it wasn’t a phase and here I am.
I should probably also explain that for most of my life I’ve been a planner. A serious Type-A. I went to a great college, had fabulous internships, landed my dream jobs and suddenly woke up one day and said, “I don’t want to do this anymore!” So in 2011 I moved to Austin from Washington, DC. At the time I would have told you it was for a change of pace, but to be honest it was for a guy. That guy is now my husband, so it worked out! We got married just a few months ago up on Mt. Bonnell with just family and it was perfection. I do plan on changing my name this year when I have time and not running after two toddlers, which means you’ll see me as Andrea Townson someday soon. We live in South Austin and love love love it! We dream of owning a big ol’house on the East side with some land, but for now we’re happy in our South Austin neighborhood.

Shortly after moving here I got pregnant with my son and all my Type-A went out the window. Life threw me a total curveball and rather than try to control everything, I’ve learned to go with the flow. Good thing I did, because I got pregnant with my daughter before my son Gabriel was even 2 years old (yep, that is correct I somehow managed to give birth to two unplanned kiddos) and it was not something I was mentally prepared for! But, now at 15 months old Juniper is the cutest, fiercest little ball of energy you’ve ever seen. Girl keeps me on my toes for sure!

After my son was born I left the corporate working world and honestly not sure I’ll ever go back. Working as a freelance marketing consultant has it’s ups (flex schedule and the ability to choose my work) and downs (clients not paying me on time and having to hustle to find my next project) but it allows me to be with my kids. And right now there’s no where else I’d rather be. I have panic attacks when I think about sitting in an office instead of playing with them at the park.

When I’m not working as a marketer, you’ll find me at a sewing machine. About a year ago I launched my own eco- friendly baby and toddler brand called Hello Sunday. My organic cotton apparel line is made from hand-illustrated artwork created with colored pencils, water color and crayons- all things kiddos use and love! Right now I sell pajamas, blankets, leggings and other nursery items online, in some local boutiques and hope to eventually have my things in stores around the world. Wouldn’t that be awesome?! Oftentimes I find inspiration from my crazy kids and clean design influenced by European simplicity. Hello Sunday is my creative outlet and little dream that I hope could maybe become something big.

Hello Sunday Andrea Genevieve

About a month ago my son’s preschool suddenly closed and after doing plenty of preschool tours around town, we decided that I would cut back on consulting work and just be a mom. (I know, I know I hate that phrase too. I’m learning to remove it from my vocabulary.) So I guess I really do know what I’m doing with life… for now at least. I’m officially a Stay At Home Mom.
(Give or take some special projects which make me a Work At Home Mom.)

My name is Andrea and I am working at being the best mom possible to these two awesome toddlers. I’m a teacher, a chef, a chauffeur, a therapist, a butt-wiper and a friend too. Who knows, maybe we’ll add some more little ones to our clan in the near future. This whole mom job may just turn into a career!



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