Andrea Genevieve Townson


How To Be Supportive During Infertility

Right now I have five very close friends struggling with challenges that come with trying to conceive a child. As someone who is 6 months pregnant with my third child, I think about them almost...

DIY: Gratitude Tree Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

DIY: Gratitude Tree Thanksgiving Craft for Kids The temperatures are finally starting to cool down and with the change of seasons comes a change in mindset for everyone in my house. The rush of back...
middle child

Dear Middle Child: You Are the Best

Dear Middle Child,  I know that sometimes it may seem like everyone forgets you. I grew up the oldest of three and my own middle sister claims to have been slighted as a child, even...
mom tribes

The Many Kinds of Mom Tribes

As our lives evolve as women and mothers, our friendships and connections evolve too. It's inevitable -- we gather with different mom tribes through the years. Looking back throughout life this has been happening...
pool with two kids

How To Survive When You’re Outnumbered At The Pool

  Summer is a glorious time of year when the scorching heat beckons you to toss on a sundress, make some homemade lemonade and head to the pool. Novel in hand, sunscreen in tow, time...
don't force my kids to hug

Why I Don’t Force My Kids to Hug

Every time we hang out with friends, my kids inevitably end up hiding behind my leg when it comes time to say farewell. I've learned I don’t force my kids to hug.   My son will even...
finding the perfect school

Finding The Perfect School

It’s the time of year when education is on everyone’s mind and not because the school year is quickly coming to a close or we're excited for graduation ceremonies. The opposite actually. Instead of...

A Love Letter to My Son on Valentine’s Day

    Hey kiddo, it’s mom.   For about a year now I have been writing handwritten notes to you and your sister in memory books. Typically this is reserved for birthdays, big events and special occasions. Things...
working mom

What I’ve Learned From Being Every Kind Of Working Mom

  By my late twenties I had been in exactly 5 different office jobs in my field. Working my way up the ladder from each role, I loved my career. Then at 28 I also...

Random Acts of Kindness For The Whole Family

  The beginning of a new year is a special time to reflect on family dynamic, while making plans for the coming months ahead. Looking back on the year is always fun, and in our...