Summer is nearly here! Pools and splash pads are opening up everywhere. Schools are almost over. Vacation planning for the season is in full swing. And, as moms, we sometimes struggle with how to keep our kiddos entertained for months on end! Check out a few of these crafts to keep those idle hands at bay and have some fun!


  • Build Indoor Sleepover Tents. || Not only do they collapse for easy storage, but kiddos can have fun choosing what fabric to use on their tents. They can also decorate it to personalize and embellish them with their own initials.
  • Summer Adventure Calendar || Make the most of the fleeting days of summer with a linear calendar that is part planner, part scrapbook. When the summer comes to an end and it’s time to take it down, sit together as a family to talk through all the fun things you did together. Make a list of things you didn’t get a chance to do and plan to start checking things off the list over the course of the next few months.
  • Button Art || Button art is sure to be a hit for kids of all ages (not for infants who can swallow them!)! Let them get creative, because the sky’s the limit in terms of what can be designed. For example, flowers would be perfect for the summertime, and a giant shaped heart filled with buttons would be cute year round! So grab a canvas and an assortment of buttons – different colors, sizes, shapes – and let their imagination run wild!
  • Painting with Marbles || Use shaving cream to make a marbled paper masterpiece. Kids can make a mess and stir things up but the end result is always satisfying because the more imperfect the marbling, the more beautiful the art.


  • Windy Play Day || Recycle some tin can and beat those boredom blues. Although adult help is necessary for assembly, kids will love painting and decorating each can. You could even pick a theme to decorate the entire wind chime around, and it could almost tell a story in itself once completed!
  • Bird’s Eye View || Dress up your outdoor spaces by building a bird village with DIY feeders. Plus, you can make bird watching an outdoor activity for kids to log all the comings and goings, or observe them from the comfort of your home depending on where you hang them!
  • Yard Art || Pick a pretty day and grab an old bed sheet to make art on the lawn. This art project is great for a group of kids or just one and lets them have fun painting whatever their heart desires. Clean up is obviously a breeze, since they’re already outside. Grab a hose to wash the paint off them when they are finished with their masterpiece!
  • Ice-Cavating || Gather a handful of small plastic toys, toss them into a plastic container and fill with water to cover the toys completely. Place in the freezer until it’s frozen solid (might be perfect to do the night before so you’re not sitting around waiting for it to freeze!). When it’s ready, take the ice block outside and lay it in the grass. Set out some excavating tools like spoons, a magnifying glass, and a bucket of water for pouring. Encourage them to experiment with different ways to melt the ice and free their toys.

Our friends at Blackmon Mooring have set up this amazing guide for more summer activities, entertaining, crafts, summer safety and how to keep your house in tip top shape over this season!

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