6 Types of Summer Moms You Probably Know

6 Types of Summer Moms

So let’s be honest, summer is a mom’s game. If dad is present he will participate and I’m sure he will even have a say in the plans, maybe, but he usually walks away from this. For the most part, how the kids spend their time during the school hiatus will likely come down to what mom plans. Be it vacations, camps, or just hanging around the house, the mom usually takes charge and not every mom thinks or reacts the same to summer. Thus is created, the SUMMER MOM categories.

There are 6 plus different kinds of summer mom categories.

Some moms may even be a mix of a couple. Now that summer is halfway through, think of all your mom friends in all your mom circles and I bet you can identify them by name.

1.Pool Mom

You can recognize this mom by her beautifully sun kissed skin and her overpowering aroma of chlorine and sunscreen. This is the mom that packs her kids up 10 minutes before the pool opens and returns home 15 minutes after the lifeguards have kicked them out. Breakfast is a granola bar of some sort eaten in route to the pool, lunch is sandwiches packed in picnic style the night before or early that morning along with fruit and juice boxes, and dinner is whatever was delivered to the pool, picked up through a drive through or reheated in the microwave. This mom has an SUV full of pool noodles, knows every lifeguard by name, could teach a CPR class on her own, and rocks the cover up dress like a super model.

2. Epic Vacation Mom

This mom gives herself away early in the year. This is the mom that started planning summer vacation as soon as she took the Christmas lights down. She will start making posts on her social media that give vague hints. “Eeeeee!!! The kids are gonna die when they find out. One hint…cheese.” Wha? Ok, curiosity piqued. Your interest will get the best of you and you will start stalking her Pinterest boards just to see her vacation pins. Her daily updates become so addicting you find yourself checking in on them like she’s the latest reality tv show. When she finally posts the big reveal you’re so excited for the kids you instinctively clap your hands in glee and yes, shed a tear or two.

3. I Hate Summer! Mom

This mom could be broken into two different subcategories. A) The mom that hates summer because her kids are constantly begging her to entertain them and are relentless until she gives in. She spends most of her summer driving her kids to “fun” places and is easily spotted in a crowd by the sheer look of exhaustion and her disheveled clothing. B) The working mom that has to choose between paying a babysitter more than most teaching assistants get paid or taking a risk by leaving the kids at home ALONE. If you watch closely she gives herself away by making a fist or tensing up every time she hears “June.” In April, the stress will be almost too much to bare she will suddenly start popping tums like candy and attending yoga classes looking for inner peace as if her life depended on it.

4.Camp, Camp, and More Camp Mom

This mom might be an “I Hate Summer Mom” but she has figured out how to not hate it so much. This mom loves her mom time and wants to guard it like a holy relic, so she schedules her kids in enough camps to ensure her sanity is preserved. She will start looking into camps in January and by Tax Day she pretty much has them locked in. She is careful to select camps close to the kids interest and may even plan a break to allow some mom time with the kids. Just not enough to make her pull her hair out. If she misses a camp deadline or one gets cancelled, it might as well be the end of times. At least her Facebook status says that. Now she must move into panic mode and will immediately start scouring the Internet and neighborhood sites looking for anything.

5. Single For the Summer Mom

These are the divorced mommies that split custody of their kids and dad has summer duty. Half of these moms use it as a chance to relax, unwind and pamper themselves. They will usually consume lots of alcohol. The other half just look like a sad toddler that have lost their favorite teddy bear. Along with lots of baked goods, alcohol seems to be a must for them as well. To spot these moms look for either the grown woman acting like she’s on spring break with the perfectly pedicured feet or the mom that sleeps until noon and forgets to brush her hair. Common hangouts are spas and ice cream aisles at the grocery store, also liquor stores and wine aisles.

6. I’m A Teacher and Summer is Too Short Mom

This is the mom that just went off duty from her full time job with pay, to her full time job that drains her bank account. For the first two weeks she walks around on edge as if any second she will be called back to the front lines. She has doctors appointments and dentist appointments and projects galore. Basically this mom has ten weeks to attend to everything she neglected for nine months. The clock is ticking for this moms to-do list including any fun and she is well aware. By midsummer though she starts to relax. Until she walks into a store that’s starting to stock their school supplies. It is at that moment this mom is a dead giveaway. She will be the adult woman turned toddler throwing a tantrum in front of an Elmer’s Glue display.


Other honorable mentions are: the “My Kids are Home From College Mom,” the “My Kid is Leaving for College Mom,” the “Year-Round Homeschool, Unaware It’s Even Summer Mom,” the “Bitter/Jealous Mom Who Can’t Stand Moms 1,2, and 5,” and the “I’m Out of my Mind for Being Pregnant During the Months Where Bacon Can Fry Outside on a Sidewalk Mom.”

Remember ladies it doesn’t matter what kind of summer mom you are, in the end it’s your tiny humans who care how you spend these longer days and shorter nights. So go ahead and own your summer mom personality, then stay up late, sleep in later, and share lots of laughs with each other. After all, every summer mom makes lasting memories.


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