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Every gal deserves a perfect pair of shoes in her closet that are not only cute, comfy, and chic, but that will also go with everything! 

A girl ages about 9-14…too old for toys, but too young for boys.

The woman who loves you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before herself and the one who you can always count on above everyone else.
Whether you’re a “tween” or a “mom” Mox Shoes is THE shoe that you must have in your wardrobe as we gear up for back to school. I personally own a pair of adorable Mox Shoes, but today we are so excited to show you different ways to pair this incredibly comfortable {AND STYLISH} flat as your girl heads back to the classroom! Plus we are super pumped to be offering our readers 10% OFF if you purchase before August 18th {just scroll to the bottom}. Did we mention it’s TAX FREE WEEKEND?!?!

Check out how precious Sabrina {age 11} looks as she prepares for her 1st day! Thank you to our photographer, Katie Starr for sharing her model daughter with us!

To help you build your wardrobe, Mox Shoes is offering 10% OFF your own pair! Just use the code :: AUST10 at checkout and save! 

Here are just a few reasons why we have fallen in love with Mox Shoes! 

  • FREE Returns.
  • This is THE anywhere shoe… seriously! Errands, work, date nights, post-workout, the pool, tailgating, and beyond – these cute and comfy shoes are perfect for keeping up with the active mom-lifestyle. So, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the discount code below. You {and your feet!} will thank us…
  • Your daughter will look {and feel} adorable in these ridiculously comfy shoes as she heads back to school!
  • These are great to keep for shoe emergencies and quick jaunts that require shoes, like grocery shopping after a full day in heels.
  • Mox are created by two SAHMs who found a way to be fashionable AND practical while chasing their five kids.

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