Why I Choose Not To Wear Makeup

Why I Choose Not To Wear Makeup When I wake up in the morning, my routine is quite simple. I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and hair, wash my face, and get dressed....

Must Have Beauty Products For Moms

Must Have Beauty Products For Moms Odds are when you became a mom your beauty routine severely took a hit in the time allocation department. Sometimes just showering is a win. I’ve been through my...
festive tee

DIY Festive Tee for The 4th of July

If you're anything like me, you love a good festive tee. And there's isn't much better than being able to create a custom one that involves kiddo participation! So here's a clever way to...

Best Shoes for Every Age

Our family takes shoes seriously: my husband has a larger collection than I do, I (like any red-blooded American woman) adore shoe shopping, and we actively seek out the best brands and highest quality...

Five Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts

Husbands of #ATX: Consider this your handy-dandy gift guide to Mother's Day. -- What to give and where to get it! No matter if you're shopping for your own mom (now World's Best Grandma!)...
Gifts for New Moms

15 Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms

The first Mother’s Day for a new mom should be extra special. She just brought a miracle into the world, and she deserves to be celebrated. But with a newborn around, and the sleeplessness,...

Your Guide to Shopping for Unique, Hipster Kids Clothes

I have a confession: I have a huge obsession with kids clothes. It started innocently enough with a few pairs of hand-sewn leggings from some incredible small businesses, but it soon blossomed into a...
piercing at a young age

To Pierce Or Not To Pierce: That Is The Question

One day when my daughter was around four months old, I was out running the usual errands at HEB, Target and Buy Buy Baby (can we say #momlife!?) and had three different interactions with...

How To Look Fabulous This Spring

Spring has SPRUNG, y'all! We are entering the most beautiful days of the year over the next couple months and I am mentally ready for it. Physically ready? That's another story. My closet is...
nursing bra

Life in a Nursing Bra

With the birth of my second child on Feb. 1st, life has transitioned in many ways...surviving the newborn fog, learning to be a family of four, and of course: breastfeeding. Thank goodness for no...