DIY Festive Tee for The 4th of July


festive tee

If you’re anything like me, you love a good festive tee. And there’s isn’t much better than being able to create a custom one that involves kiddo participation! So here’s a clever way to save some money and make a one-of-a-kind tee for the holidays.  Added bonus? You can make it in 5 minutes from things you likely already have laying around the house.


What you’ll need to create your sweet gear:

  • white or light colored tee/onesie
  • red, silver and/or blue permanent Sharpie marker
  • piece of cardboard equivalent to the size of the tee
  • small spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol

Baby steps:

  • Place your cardboard between the layers of your shirt, making sure that when you draw, the Sharpies will not bleed through to the backside of your material.
  • Using your markers, draw anything that suits your fancy.  i.e. fireworks, stars, US flag, bald eagle (if you’re super amazing).
    • Remember: leave some space between your lines because when you ‘tie dye’ things will bleed.
  • Spray your design with the rubbing alcohol keeping in mind that the more you saturate it, the more your colors will spread.
  • Let your shirt dye for several hours (or if you’re a worry wart like me, a few hours) and then wash on a quick cycle, alone.


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