swimsuit challenged

For the Swimsuit-Shopping Challenged

Swim suit shopping. Oh no. It’s that time of year. That time when you realize you didn’t quite keep up with your New Year’s resolution and, oh crap! It’s hot outside. It’s officially swimsuit-shopping...
Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no time better time than the present to find the perfect gift for the hard-working mommas in your life! Here’s a cheat sheet with some...
diaper bags

Top 10 Diaper Bags

Let's face it. Once we pop out that baby, we pretty much say goodbye to our beautiful totes /satchels/ slings/ purses. Those beautiful bags are definitely not meant to hold burp cloths, diapers, wipes, waters, pacifiers,...

Dad’s Gift Guide

For some, holiday shopping is an adrenaline rush. For others, it's an annual headache served with a side of long lines and out-of-stock disappointments. About half of the names on my Christmas list are...

Best Maternity Clothes Websites

If there is one thing pregnant women are good at... it's online shopping for maternity clothes. No dressing rooms required. No need to remove undergarments with a bowling ball attached to your belly, all...

Are School Dress Codes Slut Shaming Our Daughters?

"Shorts that distract" "Skirts that distract" "Inappropriate"  Are these really words we are using to describe young girl's clothing? The word "distract" makes my entire body cringe. Who exactly are we worried about distracting?...

I Won’t Pierce My Baby’s Ears (My Easy Alternative!)

Earrings on baby girls make me swoon! I think it’s the perfect accessory for every outfit. But, I cannot bring myself to pierce my daughters’ ears. I know parents do it all the time,...

Babywearing 101

The day I first wrapped my baby up close to my body and read a book as she slept, I had a whole new outlook on being a mom. Those first few weeks felt scary...

Post-Baby Bathing Suit Ideas & Trends

I should have known better than to go bathing suit shopping without having a cocktail or three before hand. The days of just choosing a bathing suit based on a cute pattern are long...
10 Unique Boutiques

10 Unique Boutiques You Need to Visit in Austin

In Austin, we do a lot of things REALLY well. Tacos. Tex-Mex. Hiking in the Green Belt. Dog Parks. In addition to these ATX staples, though, Austin is also home to fashionistas like yourself. There...