With the birth of my second child on Feb. 1st, life has transitioned in many ways…surviving the newborn fog, learning to be a family of four, and of course: breastfeeding. Thank goodness for no tongue or lip tie, no milk supply issues, etc. We’ve had no real problems with feeding but darn it if it’s not hard, even in ideal circumstances. Everything from getting them to properly latch on (& stay on!) to me navigating new wardrobe staples like nursing covers, tops, and bras. — Not exactly the most chic of attire, y’all. Even so, I hope to nurse my son for at least a year; thus, I’m gearing myself up for four seasons of fashion in a nursing bra.

Here are my recommendations for making life in a nursing bra as convenient and cute as possible:

  1. Nursing friendly tops to go for:
    • Henley:  those extra buttons or snaps down the front provide easy-access to mama’s milk-makers. Current styles I’m loving are this Free People one from Nordstrom and this one from Aerie.
    • Oversized cardigans over tanks:  the loose cardi acts as a semi-cover-up, put it over a nursing tank & you’re set!
    • Boyfriend button-downs:  my ideal type to look for is roomy enough for the buttons to not gape across my engorged boobs and long enough to go over leggings.
  2. Not-so-nursing friendly tops:
    • Blouses that button or zip up the back:  yeah it’s all perfectly prim & proper for spring and ya might be able to get it off, but that darling blouse (usually with zero stretch) can be super-annoying to put back on without help!
    • Halter & off-the-shoulder styles: easy to pull down but not exactly nursing bra-friendly. I suppose the look is doable with a strapless bralette, but personally, I prefer to be securely strapped in, especially in the early weeks of breastfeeding.
    • Tight tees w/ high necklines: First, the neck is too high to pull down & nurse and second, I feel like too much of my postpartum belly is exposed with I pull up. 
  3. Accessories: 
    • Nursing pads: avoid leakage in public — I don’t leave home without ’em! I’ve even had leakage spots stain shirts, so basically I wear these 24/7 until maybe 6 months in.
    • Nipple butter: I loathe lanolin. My favorite is this one, made with organic ingredients, goes on smooth & easy, and no need to wipe off before nursing
    • Nursing covers: Some women opt for no cover, some simply drape a swaddle blanket across, and I’ve also noticed these new stretchy types that double as an infinity scarf or car seat cover.  I prefer the generous shawl kind with a rigid neckline to easily peek down at baby, like this style by Bebe au Lait.


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