It sometimes feels like a running theme across moms everywhere is that we are T-I-R-E-D! Whether it’s from sleepless nights in the newborn stage, chasing after a busy toddler, or constantly on-the-move shuttling older kids to/from school & practice, life as Mom is tiring and relentless. I, for one, have really had to emphasize eating healthy & working out just so I can stay on top of my mom-game. One way to supplement your body’s nutrition & energy is through vitamins.

But, are vitamins essential? What should be in a women’s vitamin?

First off, let me say that most of our vitamins & minerals should come from the food we eat. That means it’s up to us to choose foods that will serve our bodies to the fullest. But, modern day diets aren’t exactly nutrient-dense, so it’s smart to cover all your bases with a multivitamin. That way, we can make sure we don’t end up deficient in a particular area. If you’re new to the world of vitamins, a single women’s multivitamin is the place to start — it’ll have a nice spectrum of vitamins & minerals included in one place. A quality multivitamin can be tough to swallow due to their size, so gummies are a fun alternative. They make taking vitamins everyday sweet & easy. Smarty Pants Women’s Complete gummy vitamins are a multi that includes extras particularly helpful to women like Omega3s & CoQ10.

Smarty Pants women's complete gummy multivitamin
For beginners (or those that get nauseous swallowing pills), a women’s multivitamin in gummy form is a great place to start.

If you’re a supplement-junkie like me (you should see my ‘medicine’ cabinet!) then a single multivitamin is just the beginning. There are an array of other supplements to consider in order to further enhance the overall the health & function of our bodies. Each of us has a different lifestyle, diet, and body composition. Persona Nutrition uses the latest tools at our disposal, like a cutting-edge algorithm (so hi-tech!), to figure out the best combo for your unique needs. Take an online quiz and they will create a daily vitamin pack personalized for you. For example, my 28-day supply came with a Foundational Multi, Borage with Saffron, Hair/Skin/Nails formula, and probiotic. Plus, these four capsules are sealed into a little portable pack, perfect for throwing into my bag and taking whenever I remember, no matter where I am.

Persona Nutrition daily vitamin packs
Persona Nutrition curates portable vitamin packs that are specific to you.

The next layer to add-on is superfoods. Not only should you eat them, but they can easily be taken in condensed/supplemental form as well. Add-ins like collagen peptides to my water bottle and mushroom powder mixed in to my morning coffee are some things I use. In addition to regular multivitamins, apparently there are previously untapped straight-from nature superfoods that can address anything from concentration to emotions. Voke superfood tablets are marketed for helping mental focus, clear thinking, and upbeat mood. Their botanical, chewable tabs contain feel-good ingredients like red beetroot, acerola cherry, and green tea. Plus, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.

Voke Superfood Tab
These chewable tabs are an easy way to get in superfoods on-the-go.

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