Disney World Ban On Smoking – Other Bans Also In Place


Finally! Smoking has officially been banned inside Disney World’s four theme parks, two water parks or ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.

The ban was put in place May 1st and the company says anyone caught smoking inside parks will be guided toward the designated smoking areas outside. The ban applies to traditional cigarettes and vaping pens as well.

FYI mamas, a ban on loose ice, large strollers and stroller wagons are also being enforced.

Apparently, wagons have been banned from the parks for a while, but this hasn’t been strictly enforced until now.

The new stroller rules are being put in place to alleviate congestion with the anticipation of elevated crowd sizes in the coming months.

Curious if your stroller meets the requirements?  The maximum dimensions Disney World will allow: 31 (79cm) wide and 52 (132cm) long.

Make sure you visit the parks’ website 

for all rules before your next trip.


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