Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to celebrate love and romance with your sweetheart.  It used to mean expensive champagne, fine chocolate, red roses and a candlelit dinner.  But Let’s get real, once you have children every holiday becomes about the kids, right? My husband is not really a Valentines Day fan these days so I’m happy to get cheesy and celebrate an explosion of red & pink hearts with my kids and girlfriends!

Holidays are the perfect opportunities to let your kids know how much you love and appreciate them.  Here are ten ways to show your children LOVE and all the heart eyes on Valentine’s Day. XOXOXO

  1. Host a Galentines Day Party with Friends

    Y’all we just attended a Galentines Day party with our friends and it was so sweet! The kids played Valentines themed Bingo and Pin the Heart on the LLama, while the moms sipped and chatted in the sun. A perfectly pink and glittery Saturday well spent!

  2. Make Heart Shaped Meals With Your Little Ones!

    The irony in this is that this meal is horrible for ones heart health.Elevate your meals on Valentines Day and watch how exciting basic eggs become! For breakfast use these heart shaped cooking rings and turn every day eggs {or pancakes} into the “love filled” version!

    For lunch make heart shaped pizzas! I love the Simple Mills Paleo Pizza Mix! It’s gluten free, paleo friendly and my kids love it!

    For dinner I’m planning to make Grain Free Spaghetti and Meatballs while introducing the kids to the movie Lady & The Tramp! I can’t wait!!! That’s Amore`

  3. Give Your kids a Voucher for a One on One Date!

    When you have more than one child it can be rare to get time on the calendar with just one kiddo! Kids love making decisions, so why not put the power in their hands for an afternoon. You don’t have to be a Pinterest Mom either!! There are so many adorable + free versions online! I thought this one was super cute.

    Image result for printable voucher for valentines day4. Craft Valentines Together

    Donut Valentine Card Kit
    Paper Source

    Head to Paper Source and stock up on their Valentines Day handmade card accessories. You don’t have to be super crafty. The creative work is done for you! Our North Lamar Paper Source is having a Kids Handmade Valentines Day Workshop on February 5th!

    5. Create Personalized Hearts! 

    Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with the best idea!! These heart boxes are simple and so special! Fill a sweet heart box with your child’s favorite thing! For Zander my soccer lover I plan to go sports themed, and for Zia my girly girl I plan to fill hers with bows and accessories!

    Image result for soccer heart box gift martha stewart
    Martha Stewart
    Image result for soccer heart box gift martha stewart
    Martha Stewart

    6. Get Cozy in Valentines Day Pajamas!

    Seriously enjoy the holiday themed pajamas while you can!! My seven year old will no longer wear pajamas (Le sigh!). Thankfully my daughter and I love to match in our soft and cozy Hanna’s!

    Styled outfit collage with 5 items7. Create a Dye Free Dessert Display

    We try to keep our sugar in take pretty low on a daily basis, but on holidays I love to bring in fun treats to enjoy!! Thanks to Trader Joe’s it’s so easy to find delicious, holiday themed candy and desserts that are dye free! How cute are these?! My kids are going to be so excited to dive in!

    Image result for trader joe's valentine's candy

    8. Serve Red Fruits & Veggies

    Balance out the sugar with fresh produce in a red or pink hue! Think Strawberries, Raspberries, Pomegranate’s, Plums, cherries {Get those antioxidants y’all!), bell peppers and tomatoes!

    9. Read a Love Story at Bed Time

LLama LLama is a favorite serious in our home, but really there are so many options!!

Llama Llama I Love You

10. Wear Hearts, Wear Red, Wear Pink!

Target makes it so easy to find a Valentines Day outfit for the entire family. Have fun and enjoy getting in the spirit with your little ones!!

Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!



Photography: Lynn Walker Photography


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