First of all, lets give a collective shout-out and silent prayer and thank you right now (join me as you read this!) to all of the local doctors and hospital staff members who are serving in Austin and around the world so sacrificially and faithfully right now. We just cannot thank them enough, but THANK YOU IF/WHEN YOU ARE READING THIS if you’re in the medical field and serving our city during this scary COVID19 time. We know that having a baby can be stressful when the world isn’t going through a pandemic. More than ever, moms-to-be are turning to birthing centers, doulas, and midwives here in Austin.

However, as the hospitals in Austin continue to care for and serve our community during this unprecedented time of increased illness, we know that Moms who are pregnant right now may be concerned about delivering in a hospital as usual…given that almost nothing is going to be “usual” in the local hospitals for a while. We trust our local OBGYNs to give you great recommendations and great care and service during this time, but we also know a lot of pregnant women might want to consider a home birth and/or birthing center now.

***Full disclosure, I’m serving a friend/client as her doula soon and I helped her research and compile the options below!*** 

Check out our list below of local midwives who serve at-home births, local birthing centers with midwives, and doulas to help if you’re thinking of a home/birthing center alternative:

Local Birthing Centers with Midwives

Local Midwives Who Serve Moms Laboring at Home 

According to local midwife, Ellie Noble, “MIDWIFE MEANS “WITH WOMAN”. Plans for the birth are discussed throughout pregnancy. A midwife is your partner as you plan and create YOUR birth experience, both during the pregnancy and throughout labor and birth. Most women find it very reassuring that the same midwife that provides the prenatal care will, 99% of the time, be the midwife who will be at the birth.”

Local Birth/Postpartum Doulas 

Doulas are professionals who serve pregnant, laboring and postpartum Moms (and their partners) with emotional, mental, and often physical and spiritual support. Doula services vary widely but never include any medical intervention or diagnosis. Doulas focus on various efforts to help laboring Moms with physical comfort measures and emotional/mental health throughout the pregnancy, labor/delivery and recovery processes.

Who is/was your local midwife/doula and will you use a birthing center? Let us know if we missed anyone that isn’t on the lists above but should be!

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Lydia Hekman
As the Sales Manager for Austin Moms, Lydia works with our amazing advertising sponsors who enable our site to continue to flourish and grow! She loves to help businesses spread the word about their products or services and how they can support Austin Moms. Lydia has been married to Scott for almost 13 years, and she is Mom to Violet, Ezra & Sylvia. She loves serving local Moms as a part of this Austin Moms team, but also separately as a birth doula. She and her family are partners of the Austin Stone Community Church where her husband Scott is an Executive Pastor & Elder. Lydia also loves going out to eat, vacationing in Michigan and spending time with her friends and family. 



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