Just before spring break, when people’s travel plans started crumbling around them and so many of our area’s beloved events were cancelled because of COVID-19, I wrote a post about a fun last-minute spring-day-in-Austin activity: visiting Austin’s newest murals.

In that post, I had said this: “… you might be in the middle of a panic about what in the Sam Hill you’re going to do to keep these beasts entertained all week.

A week? Isn’t that adorable?  

Within 24 hours of writing that post, our area was put on shelter-in-place orders, rendering my bright idea null and void, so the post went into the black hole. 

It was a timely post because I had put the finishing touches on it right about the same time as the artists were putting their own finishing touches on Austin’s two newest murals as part of the Downtown Austin Alliance’s Writing On The Walls initiative. 

In the coming weeks, with our stay-at-home restrictions lifting, it’s important for your mental health to get outside for fresh air and sunshine, but, as our health officials are stating, it’s also important that we continue social distancing. 

A tour of Austin’s newest murals and a few of the classics checks both boxes.

As soon as it’s safe, I hope you’ll plan to visit these vibrant walls of art in our fun, kitschy city.

Brand New Murals

Austin Murals
West side of The Line Hotel completed March 11, 2020 by artists Sandra Chevrier and Shepard Fairey
Austin Murals
South-facing wall on S. Lamar at Sandra Muraida Way. Artist: Sade Lawson

The first two in this list are a new collaborative art series called Writing on the Walls, the creation of Austin’s two newest landmarks – one on the west side of the LINE Hotel building and the other on South Lamar – commissioned by the Downtown Austin Alliance. 

These babies are brand spankin’ new: completed March 11, 2020 by artists Sandra Chevrier, Shepard Fairey, and Sade Lawson. You can read more about this project here.

Other New Ones

Austin Murals
Back side of Sushi Hi building at 2912 Guadalupe. Artists: Josue Rivera, Felix Jaimes, and Riki Loring

The Black Mamba mural was just completed in February in honor of the late Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna. When I arrived to take this picture, there was group of fans taking each other’s picture with it. You can see where people have left basketballs with messages written on them nearby.

Austin Murals
On the south side of Crescent House Furniture. Artist: Scott Staples

This cutie is up north at Lakeline, but worth the drive up because it’s the perfect bougie backdrop for the ‘gram.

The Classics

Austin Murals
On the side of the old Threadgill’s World Headquarters building (301 W. Riverside St). Artist: Swizzle Collective

My favorite boy in front of my favorite mural! This building used to be the Threadgill’s world headquarters. Not sure what will go in its place, so visit this beauty while you can!

Park along South Congress to take in these next three. You can walk them all and grab a curbside grub from any of the SoCo classics. Check here for a running list of Austin’s restaurants offering take-out options.

Austin Murals
North side of Jo’s Coffee Shop (at 1300 S. Congress). Artist: Amy Cook

Truly an Austin icon, the I Love You So Much mural has been destroyed and re-painted a bajillion times by the artist, Amy Cook, and the subject of Instagrammers’ shots a bajillion more times than that.


Austin murals
South side of the STAG Austin (1415 S. Congress). Artists: Jacqui Oakley, Erick Montes, Joe Swec // Models: My son and his buddy.

I mean. Can I get a heck yeah? 

Austin Murals
On the back of someone’s garage (206 E. Elizabeth St). Artist: Candy Chang

This interactive wall is another favorite of mine. That’s my plan, down at the bottom, “Get Nana’s story out!” and my son’s pointing to his plan, “Sail the world with my dad.” Queue the waterworks.

Jump back in your car to head a little bit further south for the icon of icons, mural-wise.

Austin Murals
South side of the Roadside Relics building (720 S. 1st St). Artist: Todd Sanders, then restored by Todd Sanders, Roy Skagen, and Creative Action Color Squad. Photo: Amanda Paysse

Head back north to The Domain, which is full of colorful and textured walls, like the one pictured below.

Austin Murals
Erin Condren Flagship Store (11601 Rock Rose Ave). Model: Lilly the Therapy Dog

A day visiting our city’s artsy installations will be a perfect way to enjoy a spring day in Austin.

PLUS, here’s the friskiest thing you’ll hear all day: I made you a map! Yup, I plotted these out on a round-trip map for you, and you can change your starting location and move stops around so it’s customized just for you. You can click right here to get your hands on that puppy.


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