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With spring in full bloom and summer around the corner many Austinites are trying to get their lawn ready for days where kids run from sun up to sundown. I (and particularly my husband) was thrilled when our Lawnbox subscription box arrived at our door. It was time for our lawn to have a facelift.

The harsh sun in Austin can dry out our grass and after the “winter grass” worked its way out it was time to revitalize our lawn with what is safest for our girls. Being on a corner with a larger lot, my two daughters love to run all over our grass. They love to play soccer and run in the sprinklers. So we needed to find a safe, easy, affordable, successful plan that would help make our lawn healthy and happy. Lawnbox seemed perfect!

Step 1: Lawn gets measured

Step 2: A customized annual plan was built for my yard taking into account my location, amount of rainfall, type of grass and type of soil

Step 3: We received our first shipment, Soil Saver, which was designed to give our soil (and grass!) a boost.

Unlike most other fertilizers where my husband has to shoo our children off of the grass. We never had to worry about that with Lawnbox, with the organic non-waste ingredients they use, my daughters could safely walk and play on our lawn without hesitancy. #momwin

AND because all of their products are made with organic, safe materials my girls can actually help out with the lawn, which is a huge plus since we spend most of our days outside and we love to teach our girls about taking care of nature.

Lawnbox offers organic, lawn care straight to your door and tailor-made for your specific lawn..

Plans start around $200 and cover lawns up to 20,000 square feet (about half-an-acre). Outside of the standard annual lawn care subscriptions, Lawnbox also offers Soil Saver soil conditioner as an add-on product, along with three types of spreaders. We were more than excited to work Soil Saver into our plan, as we’ve heard about the importance of building a healthy soil for a healthy lawn!

Here’s what makes Lawnbox different:

  • Lawnbox is truly organic. There’s a lot of noise and misinformation in organic lawn care. Plenty of companies position their products as “organic” or “natural”, but they aren’t. Every product Lawnbox offers is OMRI listed. This means that the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has reviewed all of the ingredients and approved them as being 100% organic.
  • Safety. With the absence of harsh synthetic chemicals or toxins, Lawnbox is kid, pet and pollinator safe. #momwin And unlike traditional lawn care, there’s no need to stay off your lawn after our products have been applied. Such a relief with little kids!grass genie organic ingredients
  • It’s easy! Lawnbox plans will cover the entire lawn care season. No more trying to figure out what to apply and when to apply it!
  • It’s never too late in the season to start your lawn plan.Lawn plans run on a rolling calendar so your subscription will renew at the same time the following year.
  • All products are backed by the Love Your Lawn Guarantee.If a customer isn’t happy with their results, they provide a full refund.

So as you start to kick your early summer into gear, let Lawnbox help you get ready.

Get your plan started today! 


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