I recently made a resolution to reduce the amount of waste we’re producing in our house, particularly single-use plastic. I have a long way to go on my journey to zero-waste living, but I’ve made some small changes recently and am glad to be sending less plastic to the landfill. We’ve got 14 eco-friendly products that are good for your family and your home!

Some of these changes have meant purchasing new stuff. I realize that NOT buying things is one of the best things we can do for our ailing planet, but most of these products have helped me consume less overall because they have replaced single-use items that I used to buy over and over (like Ziploc bags, plastic wrap, and paper towels).

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If you’re looking to reduce plastic and household waste, here are some  of my favorite products to help you do that.

1. Unpaper towels

Eco-Friendly Products

This is a great eco-friendly product! I used to be a paper towel addict, going through an entire roll while cleaning just two bathrooms. I was skeptical of these unpaper towels but knew I had to make a change. They turned out to be great—very absorbent, the perfect size, and they come in adorable patterns. I buy disposable paper towels much less often since getting these unpaper towels. Get unpaper towels on Etsy

2. Itzy Ritzy reusable snack bags

Eco-Friendly Products

I use these for packing snacks in my diaper bag, but you could also use them for toiletries, electronics, etc. They have a food-safe lining and are machine washable, and come in cute patterns (clearly I’m sucker for a cute pattern).
Get snack bags on ItzyRitzy.com

3. Mesh produce bags

Take these to the grocery store with you instead of using the plastic bags they provide in the store.
Get mesh produce bags on Amazon

4. Folding straw

I love using straws but hate the plastic ones, so this is a great alternative that I keep in my purse. It folds up really small in a compact case, and I like that it’s stainless on the outside but silicone on the inside and the ends, so you don’t get that icky teeth-on-metal feeling.
Get a folding straw on Amazon

5. Stasher bags

I’ve tried a couple different silicone bags, but these are my favorite. They’re great for packing sandwiches or snacks and storing leftovers. I wash them by hand but they are dishwasher- and microwave-safe.
Get Stasher bags on Amazon

6. Pyrex glass storage set

These are my go-to containers for food storage, and I haven’t bought any plastic Tupperware since buying these. I love that I can safely reheat food in them and, unlike some plastics, I don’t have to worry about whether they’re dishwasher-safe.
Get Pyrex containers on Amazon

7. Beeswax wrap

Eco-Friendly Products

Made from cotton infused with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin, this is a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and one of our favorite eco-friendly products. I use it to pack sandwiches, save leftover avocado, cover casserole dishes, and more. It forms a tight seal without the hassle of sticky plastic wrap.
Get beeswax wrap on Amazon

8. Silicone stretch lids

Eco-Friendly Products

Another great alternative to plastic wrap. These stretch lids come in a variety of sizes so you can cover any container, no matter the shape or size. I got mine from Eco Abode but you can also find them on Amazon.

9. Dropps

This company makes biodegradable laundry and dish detergent pods that ship to your door in a recyclable and compostable cardboard box. I use the dish detergent pods and they work great and, as a huge bonus, they don’t contribute to plastic pollution.
Get dish detergent from Dropps

10. Who Gives a Crap

I use their 100% recycled toilet paper, which ships without plastic with each roll wrapped in fun, colorful paper. It’s not quite as soft as say, Charmin, but it does the job. (They do have premium bamboo toilet paper if you want something softer.) They donate 50% of their profits to build toilets for those in need.
Get toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap

11. Makeup remover cloths

I was feeling guilty about burning through multiple disposable makeup remover wipes every day, but then I found these soft microfiber cloths that do a great job of removing makeup. All you have to do is wet them and your makeup wipes off easily!
Get makeup remover cloths on Amazon

12. Glass spray bottle

I gave in to all the ads and finally tried Grove Collaborative, and I like their glass spray bottles that you can use for DIY cleaners or their cleaning concentrates. (I use their glass dish and hand soap bottles, too.) I also want to try Blueland cleaning products, since their cleaning concentrates come in a plastic-free tablet form.

13. HiBAR solid shampoo and conditioner

This solid shampoo and conditioner takes a little getting used to—you don’t get quite as much lather as with a liquid shampoo, and you have to let the conditioner set for a couple of minutes. I was skeptical the shampoo would clean well and the conditioner would tame my thick, tangly hair, but I’m really happy with how clean and soft my hair feels after I use these. It’s more expensive than my usual Herbal Essences, but I think it will last a lot longer. I love that all the packaging is recyclable and compostable, too.
Get shampoo and conditioner from HiBAR

14. etee dish soap concentrate

dish soap concentrate from etee

This dish soap concentrate comes in a biodegradable pod. You break open the pod, mix the concentrate with water and you’ve got all-natural liquid dish soap! etee makes a lot of other plastic-free products too, like sponges, hand soap, and lip balm.
Get dish soap from etee

What are your favorite eco-friendly products?


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