2020 is about to exit the building. Praise Jesus! This year has been so full of ups and downs that it feels like we’ve been walking on wobbly roads since March. You can’t scare us, 2021!

It’s taken it’s toll and made it’s mark. On us, as mothers, we felt a lot of that weight being heaved on our shoulders. Between schooling at home to worrying about jobs to not having a break and back again. Our footfalls heavier and heavier as we carried on. We’ve been through it and it stung.

It transformed us.

But, how could we ever look at evolving as 100% bad? Even though some of it hurt?
We learned that some of our learners thrived being at home, learned that most jobs have parts that can be done remotely, rested out environment, stretched our relationships and became someone entirely different than this time last year. Just like that!

I’d like to take a moment to recognize all the moms out there and their strong work this year. You worked, maybe had a little more time to focus on what wasn’t working in your life, got bored and dreamed and struggled and slayed. I know several people who took big leaps of Faith with new adventures, some decided their family had room at the table for one more and some braved hard decisions and although couldn’t see their path, they could see the first step.

As we transition out of this year with a palpable sense of relief, don’t forget what you learned or who you became. It would be so easy to go right back into last year’s routine if it became available to us. But, these lessons would’ve come at one point or the other. 2020 went big and we all had to go home. We went and had our lessons come at us together and over a short span of time.

So, as we exhale this year and it’s stressors, let’s breathe in hope and possibility for 2021. Get outside more, see and create beautiful things, hustle and remember that this year taught us that even though something big tried to stop us, we side stepped it and kept going.

2021 is going to be filled with people who are ready to go maximum speed into life and dive in but also remember what it was like when you were not too busy to look at your own reflection, reflect and redirect if necessary. So, now we go on. A little bit of both. And, no matter what happens, we go into this year knowing that adaptation can be listed as every, single one of our strong suits.

Cheers, ladies! I look up to and admire every one of you for the ladies and moms you became over a very short and intense growth spurt. Thank you for the inspiration! I can’t wait to see what you do next in 2021!

Jenny Dombroski lives and loves in Georgetown with her husband, Justin, and two crazy kids, Amelia and Sam. Her days are spent running her kids in two different directions, working on incorporating a little more sarcasm in her days and trying new classes at the gym. She believes in learning and experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly that life has to offer with as much grace as Jesus can give her.


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