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Happy New Year Y’all! I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season and were able to take some time to recharge!

I love this time of year. To me, the new year is a clean slate! A time to reflect on the previous twelve months and assess what went well, where I persevered, what made me happy, and what I want more of in the year to come!!

What’s your opinion on the matter? Do you enjoy setting an intention for the New Year?
If the idea of traditional resolutions seems totally daunting, you aren’t alone!
According to U.S. News & World Report, the failure rate for New Year’s resolutions is said to be about 80 percent, and most lose their motivation by mid-February!!

For that reason I’ve created a bucket list for the year!

20 Things to do in 2020!!

It’s fun, way more flexible and doesn’t read like the standard New Years Resolution protocol: eat better, lose weight, pay off debt! 

Keep Reading for some major 2020 Inspiration! Take what you love, leave what you don’t and get ready for an amazing year!

    1. Try ONE new thing that excites you each Month!
      That’s only 12 things this year!  As an experience seeker, this is my favorite bucket list item and I’m already making my list. This is the year I will finally take a Thai Cooking Class. I’ve also never seen a movie in the theater by myself! Planning to do that as well! 
    2. Write down 20 things you are grateful for in 2019
      You can’t move forward without reflecting on where you’ve been! What lessons have you learned? What did you love? What do you want to let go of?
    3. Aim to take a 20 minute walk in nature without technology as much as you can! For me it’s once per week! 52 times this year!
    4. Reduce Online Shopping
      Last year I was able to give up online shopping for 2 months! It felt amazing! No wasted time scrolling, opening boxes, making piles to return! If I needed something bad enough, I had to get in my car, drive to the store and buy it! Just like the olden days {ha!}. It really helped me become more mindful about spending. Something that feels good after the holidays!
    5. Try a Social Media Cleanse
      Unfollow 20 contacts that no longer serve you. You are releasing the energy that no longer serves you and making room for contacts that will serve you in the New Year!
    6. Book a Staycation and explore your city like a tourist 
      Take the same care in planning as you would a real vacation. Without the headache of travel! {Yay!}
    7. Schedule a Monthly Self Care Ritual
      That’s only 12 sessions for the year! Whether it’s a monthly massage, a trip to the infrared sauna or a monthly yoga class at your favorite studio. Block your appointment in your calendar and honor it! Indulge in self care! Your mind and your muscles will thank you!
    8. Invest in a book, a course, life coach or mentor that supports your vision for your life
    9. Set a small goal that actually matters to YOU! Do some soul searching and think of just one improvement you can make
    10.  Attend a Women’s Conference or Women’s Retreat this year
      It allows you to step out of your comfort zone. Meet and connect with women outside your “circle” and grow!
    11. Make Time for Waking Rest–Stop Multitasking

      I have felt the digital overwhelm and overall burnout from 2019 from doing the same mundane things over and over mindlessly. When I have the time to take a walk, I’m also listening to a podcast or scrolling mindlessly on my phone or hurriedly putting something in my amazon cart before I forget.
      While I’ve gotten pretty good at sleep, mindfulness, eating clean and self-care none of these address the importance of being both awake and unassigned!
      Bottom Line–Stop Doing SO Much! STOP Multitasking

    12. Sing & Dance More. Especially around that beloved 5:00 PM get dinner on the table time frame. You simply can’t frown while dancing!
    13. Update your closet. New year, new you! Donate what no longer serves you!
    14. Make {tech free!} Family Dinner a priority once per week!! Y’all know family dinner is near and dear to my heart. A family dinner ritual is so good for your family! It’s great for slowing down, checking in and connecting with your partner & kids.  It requires a discipline to cooking more at home, which is always more nourishing than take out!
    15. Master a dinner recipe
      When an impromptu dinner party or pot luck pops up you know exactly what your specialty is!
    16. Speak kindly to yourself. Train your inner voice to speak only positively
    17. Tech Free Sunday! Once a week, Once a month What ever you can commit to and do it! Focus on being present in real life with real people!!!!
    18. Volunteer!
      Find a cause that speaks to your family and get involved! We started volunteering with our kids a couple years ago and it’s been so rewarding!
    19. Drink Alcohol More Mindfully: Learn how here
    20. Organize your garage! Or an area in your home that needs your attention!

Which Bucket list items will you try first?!

Wishing y’all an amazing New Year!




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