If I have learned anything from 2020, it is to enjoy the small things and practice gratitude each day. At the end of each year, I plan how I want my upcoming new year to look. In 2021, I want to create a simple, peaceful life. I want a life where I enjoy being productive and focus on aligning with my values. I love striving for greatness and checking off what I’ve completed on my to-do list but a simple life is what I seek. 

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This coming year, things can look different for us all. No matter what, we should all strive to be our best selves, our authentic selves. What does that look like for you? Was 2020 a year of busyness and chaos? 

The holidays have become a time of stress and busyness for many families. If that was you this year, let’s check out how you can approach slowing down for a simple life in 2021. 

Choose Rest

Resting is big on my list for this year. Yes, I know having children (whether human or animals) can make it challenging. Life tends to be busy. Throwing work in there equals exhaustion. Take the time to do something that is just for you. Read a book or take a nice warm bath. Do the things that bring you joy. Make an active decision to focus on self-care. You have to be sure to fill your cup to have the energy to give to others. 

Have productive days, not busy ones

We live in a world that shows us that being busy is good. If you’re not busy, you’re not doing your part, and you’re lazy. That is far from the truth. You don’t need to chase a busy lifestyle. Create a productive life. I love the 80/20 rule. The rule is you spend  80 percent of your time doing those things that are necessary for the day and 20 percent of your day doing something not planned. You don’t have to fill all of your days with busyness just because we are in a pandemic. Having a busy schedule just to have one doesn’t serve as a positive impact on slowing down. 

Stay aligned with your values

Are your values aligned with what you want to achieve? Are you seeking peace, simplicity, or freedom? Take a look at your days and ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing today aligned with my values?” Write down a list of your current values. Do they align with what you want your next year to resemble? Shift your thoughts to focus on what will bring you closer to your values. 

Embrace Nature

Connecting with nature is my most favorite experience to pair with slowing down.  I find that I do my best thinking when I go for a walk. I love being kissed by the sun, inhaling the fresh air, and becoming present in the moment. Nature can uplift your mood, improve your health, and give you that boost you need to make space for creativity. 

Life in 2020 has proven to be a challenging event this year. Give yourself grace! Focus on creating a space of peace to have the relaxation you need to create a simple life. Your future self will thank you for doing so! 


Patrice was born and raised a Georgia Peach, and thanks to her military service in the U.S. Air Force, she has lived in several states. Patrice is a Grantham University graduate student, holding her Bachelor’s in Business and her M.B.A. She is the wife of Daniel and mom to Dana and Alana. Passionate about her family and running the family business with Daniel, she is always looking to learn something new. Writing, traveling, and dancing is just a shortlist of her hobbies. You'll often catch her with her head in a book, enjoying all of the local Tex-Mex restaurants and exploring Austin’s most beautiful hiking spots.



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