Creating and gifting a care package for a friend can symbolize hope and light when things are bleak and dark. Share a heartfelt token to express appreciation for her being a lovely friend or encouragement to spark her creativity. A cherished friend will adore any gift from your heart.  

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Here are some sweet gift ideas you can personalize for that special friend who needs a loving care package:

Write a lovely handwritten letter. Share thoughts about what you value most about your friendship with them.

A beautiful mug paired with her favorite coffee, tea, or hot cocoa will warm her heart.  She will want to snuggle under her blanket and enjoy a sweet movie while sipping her drink.

Write a list of personal affirmations to help inspire your friend. Build her up and help her see the beauty she has within. At times, we all need a boost of confidence or positivity. Add this to her care package in the form of handwritten notes or in a notebook. 

Wrap your friend in love by gifting her a cozy shawl, throw, or weighted blanket. She will enjoy cozying up with her journal or a good book. This is one of my most favorite things to add to a care package. 

Journals can provide escapism from current woes. Gift your friend the opportunity to focus on something else besides her troubles. Whether to escape or release her feelings, completing the journal pages will help her begin the healing process. 

Journaling is a form of self-care

Food is often good for the soul, especially soul food. Make your friend a meal that nourishes her soul. If you cannot make a meal, try a simple charcuterie board. They are always delish! This can be simply made and even if given alone, will be perfect for a care package. 

Food is good for the soul

Who doesn’t love a simple spa day? Mud masks, manicure and pedicure sets, and sugar scrubs make the perfect scene for a day of self-care.

We all need time to relax and recharge. Sometimes it can be challenging to find those moments and things to do once we have those moments. Being there for your friend and gifting something so simple as a care package, will be a memory she will treasure.  


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